Dress your way to success!

Dress your way to success!

Fresh out of college many of us are often confused about what to wear when we start working. It is a common perception that corporate dressing is all...

Fresh out of college many of us are often confused about what to wear when we start working. It is a common perception that corporate dressing is all about being formal. That notion is true to a certain extant but there are many organisations which are doing away with that rule. So, what should be worn to work? How formal or informal should it be?, what is formal anyway?, these are just a couple of questions that might come to mind. Here is quick guide to help have some of those confusing questions answered and give you an idea about what corporate dressing is all about.

If you are just starting out in your career, it’s your first day at work and you are unsure what to wear, keep it basic and simply formal. Once you’re at work, you would have an idea of what kind of dressing is acceptable (fully formal or smart causal etc.). You could even speak to the concerned person or the coordinator who is introducing you to the organisation about the organisation’s dress code.


Formal dress code: In India, for women, both Indian wear and western wear are acceptable as formal at the workplace. If your opting for Indian wear, go for a good colour block saree in muted shades. If your opting for western wear choose a dark coloured suit (colors like black, navy, grey etc) with light coloured shirts (white, grey, light pink etc).

Less formal dress code: For a less formal dress code, in Indian wear, opt for a straight cut knee length salwaar-kameez with a salwaar or churidar. For western wear, well fitted trousers or A-line skirts with blouses or shirts. Make sure the shirts or blouses don’t have too bold or loud prints, no plunging necklines or too much heavy embroidery or sequin work. Skirts too should be at the maximum four fingers above the knee and not shorter than that.

Fabrics and shoes/accessories: On an average, many of us spend 8-10 hours at the workplace, so choose fabrics that don’t crumple easily so that your outfit looks good throughout the day. In Indian wear opt for crepe or georgette and western wear opt for crinkle free shirts and blouses. Footwear is important too, opt for closed or partially open flats or closed kitten heels or wedges. Stilettos and sparkly footwear is a big no-no. As for make-up and accessories keep it subtle and as simple as possible.


For formal dress code: For client or business meetings wear a well fitted suit. Pay attention to details like the length of your trousers, a well fit jacket and shirts (whose sleeve length should not be shorter than your wrists when you bend your arms). For everyday work wear a light coloured shirt with dark trousers.

Less formal dress code: Wear chinos with shirts or polo-shirts. In India, men can also wear a kurta with pants. Wear jeans only if your organistaion’s dress code is extremely casual and accepts it.

Fabrics and shoes/accessories: Opt for shirts that are of cotton or linen fabric. Colours can range from light to dark, however if printed, make sure the prints are simple like checks or stripes and nothing to loud. Don’t wear shirts or pants that are shiny or multicolored or heavily patterned. If you’re wearing a tie, it should be darker than your shirt. The rules for prints apply here too, don’t wear ties that are heavily printed or with loud patterns. Shoes help make or break your outfit so make sure you invest in couple of pairs of comfortable leather shoes. Colors like black, brown or tan work best. Avoid long pointy or extravagant shoes. Don’t leave the socks behind and opt for socks in matching shades to the shoes. Accessories like belts should match the color of the shoes and belt buckles should be simple.

Remember the key to making a good first impression is being confident, that starts with wearing something that makes you look great and feel comfortable. So formal, informal, causal, whatever the dress code maybe don't forget to make sure that your comfortable in what you choose to wear.

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