Irritating behaviours at workplace

Irritating behaviours at workplace

Irritating Behaviours at Workplace. One may be highly knowledgeable and very efficient at work. Yet they could be irritating their co-workers due to some behaviours that may not be so pleasant.

One may be highly knowledgeable and very efficient at work. Yet they could be irritating their co-workers due to some behaviours that may not be so pleasant. Such behaviours may not be so serious to hamper the work processes. However, colleagues cannot ignore those behaviours. They will be nagging. Since they are not so serious, others may not find it appropriate to express their unpleasantness. The only choice available to individuals is to check out the following behaviours and introspect if they exhibit any of these irritating behaviours.

Speaking out loudly

This is the most commonly seen behaviour yet seldom realised. This is particularly relevant when we have open offices where closed cabins or cubicles are not available. The person who speaks loud may not realise that they are distracting others. In their enthusiasm, their voice goes up a few decibels further. What’s more? They even fool themselves thinking that they impress others!

Talking on personal calls for too long

Most of the offices these days do allow personal phones to be carried inside the workplace unless you are working in some manufacturing set up. Some people end up taking so many personal calls during the office hours that it disturbs their attention to work. In addition, frequent movement away from the work desk will also distract others. While one cannot stop usage of phones for personal use at workplace, it is the individual’s discipline to track any excesses on personal calls.

Peeping tom at work

This is the most annoying behaviour at workplace. Some people have this terrible habit of peeping over the shoulder and looking into your computer. They are curious about what you are doing on your laptop even if it doesn’t concern them at all. There are others who also peep into any papers or documents on your table. I am sure no one likes to be peeped so much.


While peeping toms use their eyes to scan your information, there are others who use their ears to scan your details. They like to overhear you talking over phone, or in the next room. They are curious about what you are talking and whom you are talking to. What do they do with what they hear? Not sure. They may use it elsewhere or they may be simply curious. Sometimes they may use this knowledge in their conversations with you. That can irritate you even more!

Not taking calls

These types of people take calls based on their moods. Habitually you can experience them not taking your calls and you may wonder why they might do so. Sometimes they may be scared of responding to you and therefore may avoid calls. Some others quote frivolous reasons like ‘I could not hear the ring tone’; ‘I kept my phone on silent mode’ etc. It can happen to anyone once a while, but cannot be habitual.

Too casual etiquette

These days, many organisations may not prescribe rigid dress codes. It is left to the individuals saying that it should be decent and professional. However, we come across some people who are too casual. Their dress sense could be too informal with flowered shirts, which are not even tucked in; they wear sandals and avoid shoes; they wear body hugging clothes and so on. Informality should not stretch to excessively casual behavior. Interestingly, in such cases, while every one notices such behavior, no one dares pointing it out.

Speaking with half-baked info

These are the kind of people who get excited about ‘publishing’ quick information. In their hurry, they often hear or gather half of the story add a bit from their own interpretation and spread the news, which has only half-truth in it.

Untimely checking of smartphones

You may be talking seriously; but there are some people who are so engrossed in checking their smartphones. It can happen during one-to-one meetings or it can happen formal meetings. Their hands and fingers are so tuned that they keep dancing on the phone causing tremendous distraction to the flow of the conversation.

Have you realised any of the above behaviours in you? If you don’t realise, it is unlikely that others will offer any such feedback. As a result, these behaviours will remain as your blind spots – and continue to irritate your co-workers. Watch yourself and shed the unpleasant behaviors!

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