Internship Abroad: Experience the Global Village

Internship Abroad: Experience the Global Village

Internship Abroad: Experience the Global Village: Bridging gaps and a passion to experience new cultures across the globe is something that has always...

Bridging gaps and a passion to experience new cultures across the globe is something that has always been a far off dream to every youth living in this generation. The enthusiasm to travel places, work, at the same time experiencing new culture and becoming a part of that culture or keeping it close to your heart is now possible with an abroad internship. Yes an Internship abroad is now becoming a hot thing for the youth of this generation as it not only helps you grow as a person but also helps you with your growth as a professional. An internship where in you get to work with some of the greatest and likeminded people who have come together with one goal in mind and that is to grow and to bridge gaps in between cultures. To make things even more easier these internship opportunities are made for students that are pursuing their graduation in colleges, which only helps in gaining more exposure as students gain practical knowledge at its best. With internship you don’t need to worry about the cost of living expenditure as well you will either be hosted by a local family or be accommodated at a very reasonable price. Through this internship one can also travel around the country on your day off’s.

The entire idea of an abroad internship grew popular after the second world war, the main reason behind was to educate the youth of the country to get exposure of other culture and also help the world to emerge into a prosperous growing economy as one single global village. It was also introduced so that the younger generation would let go of their racist feelings and learn be compassionate towards other races and share the beauty of it. But as the world emerged into one global village the importance of having internships abroad also grew. During the start the whole idea of an internship catered more towards the social service agenda but as time passed it became more than just a social service, it became a professional need which had most of the commercial companies involved. At present you have almost every Global Industry sponsoring internship organizations to have youth getting themselves involved in these internships and work with their companies.

Internship organizations like AIESEC, Internship desks provide students with this amazing experience of working abroad and also gaining global exposure. Other than this there are internships tailored according to ones needs like ISA internship which leans more towards agriculture based internships and there are other organizations that cater to the students need for internships as well. So students, what are you waiting for, grab yourself an internship to help your career boast and help you grow.

By Amritha Lawrence

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