Are you a job taker or job giver?

Are you a job taker or job giver?

Job creation is the biggest challenge for India, If you look at this country, the biggest challenge and opportunity today is demography. You have one...

Job creation is the biggest challenge for India, If you look at this country, the biggest challenge and opportunity today is demography. You have one million people joining the job market every month. So, Job creation has been repeatedly identified as the need of the hour in India.

There are several reasons behind unemployment. Some of these are excessive population, seasonal effect, economic fluctuations, government policies and regulations and excessive automation.

But the following factors contribute to the detriment of the current workforce

  • Youngsters feel insecure about their future and therefore always prefer to become job takers rather than job givers.
  • Many prefer to work in IT/Service sectors; the manufacturing sector is largely ignored by the youth.
  • Neither institutions nor students are preparing themselves to become industry ready before they finish their academics.
  • Students ignore internship opportunities to test their interests and get exposed to real life situations.
  • Copy cat: Another “me too” habit is killing youngster's aspirations.
  • Parents are not aware of the latest trends in the job market and career opportunities available for their children.

The youth should realize and focus on the following points and update themselves with the latest happenings across the globe so they can think of their future and start their career as per their choice First, being an aspirant you must ask yourself what are you passionate about and why. When you're moving ahead in your career, you should think about what excites you everyday.

You must follow the trends when you're working on your passion in order to align yourself and move ahead..

  • India's employment in the manufacturing sector hasn't grown much over the years. As a business survey says, manufacturing accounts for only 13 per cent of India's gross domestic product, which is low compared to the other BRIICS emerging economies Brazil, Russia, Indonesia and China, but not South Africa.
  • Logistic firms like Amazon, Flipkart are expanding their business and will increase headcount too.
  • As per the Prime Minister’s plans, the country is expected to get over100 gigawatts (GW) of solar energy by 2022, which could create as many as one million jobs.
  • Indian Tech and e-commerce start-ups are hot sectors right now. You can see every day there are so many startups emerging out.
  • Surveys suggest that the government is set to unleash a string of critical reforms in the area of mining of natural resources, power and finance. Companies operating in the core engineering sector, retail, hospitality, IT and BFSI (banking, financial services and insurance) will emerge as leading employers too.
  • The Indian Telecom Industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. It will further create more employment (approximately four million jobs in five years time) in the coming days.
  • Henceforth, most of the companies will use internal referrals and social media more than job portals and other traditional methods.
  • The topmost jobs will be in the core engineering sector and sales jobs in retail, hospitality, IT and BFSI space. - For IT lovers, Big Data, Data Analytics and SMAC (social media, mobile, analytics and cloud) are still the buzzwords
  • Think of your own idea and discuss with known experts and turn yourself into a job giver. Don't wait for the right opportunity, go ahead and create it. In my view, there is no right time. You should do it and learn even from failures in order to succeed. This will mean that you can create that right time/opportunity too.

By:kamal pabba

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