Oh my word Apposite, Opposite

Oh my word Apposite, Opposite

The opposite word for apposite is inappropriate. Apposite means well chosen, apt, very appropriate for a purpose or an occasion (related to a remark),...

The opposite word for apposite is inappropriate. Apposite means well chosen, apt, very appropriate for a purpose or an occasion (related to a remark), suitable, appropriate, relevant, fitting or befitting, well expressed. The word comes from Latin ‘appositus’.

Apposite is an adjective, and the other derivatives are appositely (adverb), appositeness (noun), apposition (noun). The teacher gave apposite comments for the essay of the pupil. A sterling quality of a statesman is to deliver apposite speech. It becomes easy to comprehend a subject when apposite examples are given.

US President Barack Obama’s speech to students during his visit to India in January was wholly apposite to the religious climate in India. Apposition is a grammatical technique which is a word or phrase is added to another word or phrase as an explanation; placing side by side (juxtaposition); the word placed next to another word will qualify or explain the first word (the noun). Ashoka the Great!

Narendra Modi the Prime Minister. India the land of paradox is an exhaustive country too. In the preceding sentence: the land of paradox is in apposition to India. Appositional (adjective) sentences are employed by creative writers and also journalists in news reports because to save space or explain more about someone or something in few words.

Opposite! There is an opposite to everything that exists in the world in physical and emotional aspects too: the opposite of hot is cold, for love its hate. The meaning of opposite is: on the other side; face to face; diametrically different and contrary. Opposite can be used as functions as an adjective; noun; adverb and preposition.

Opposition is resistance to someone or something. The existence of Opposition in political democracies is inevitable for an informed citizenry. Only in authoritarian and dictatorial regimes there are no Opposition parties. China has one party rule; there is no Opposition party to the Communist Party of China! Opposite’s derivatives are oppositely (adverb), opposition (noun).

It is no longer a taboo not to have a relationship with the opposite sex albeit in Western countries, and it is gaining in India with LGBT campaigns. Opposite number is a person holing an equivalent position in another group, organisation, or country. When India plays opposite Pakistan in a cricket match, the organisers can expect a bumper dividend of advertisements. India and Pakistan are appositional teams to entertain a vast number of audiences across the world who are truly opposite to each other.

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