Oh my word Deprecate, Depreciate

Oh my word Deprecate, Depreciate

Deprecate means to plead against, to express disapproval of, feel and express disagreements of something or someone, cut down to size, protest...

Deprecate means to plead against, to express disapproval of, feel and express disagreements of something or someone, cut down to size, protest against, take dim view of something or someone. Deprecate is a verb: deprecates, deprecated, deprecating. The government deprecated the gestures of the naxalites who apparently promised to give armed struggle. Hasty actions and hasty remarks are deprecated when uttered by politicians from the public podiums.

My father deprecated me when I expressed intention to join the army. Comedians and critical people indulge in self-deprecation. My philosophy is, it's always very rewarding when you can make an audience laugh. I don't mind making fun of myself. I like self-deprecating comedy. But I'd like you to laugh with me occasionally, too.” –Dwyane Johnson Deprecate also refers to feeling embarrassed or displeased with somebody’s appreciation, flattery, charm, etc. He deprecated her compliments. She deprecated his condescending charm.

Derivatives of deprecate are deprecating (adjective: I like his self-deprecating smile), deprecatingly, deprecatory. Self-deprecating is an adjective meaning modest, belittling or undervaluing oneself. In lighter conversations, some people indulge in self-deprecation. Sensible people refrain from deprecating others. Depreciate means to lower the worth, to lower the value of something, becomes less valuable. Depreciate is a verb: depreciates, depreciating, and depreciated.

The shares of steel sector at the BSE have depreciated. Shares of companies may appreciate or depreciate depending upon the economic conditions, production, markets and others. Buying a car is a depreciating asset. The value of the car will only come down, so few people think twice before buying depreciating assets. Depreciate also refers to stating that something is not valuable, that something is not important, She depreciates his efforts in cooking so he stopped helping her in the kitchen.

I desist from spending time with my father’s trade because whatever I do there he depreciates. Buying a house may be an appreciating asset but the contents of the house may depreciate such as the gadgets. The derivatives of depreciate are depreciation (noun), and depreciatory (adjective). Depreciatory remarks are never used in diplomacy. It is not uncommon to see the spokespersons of foreign affairs of a country depreciating each other.

“Never make negative comments or spread rumors about anyone. It depreciates their reputation and yours.” –Brian Koslow “The government of the United States have no idea of paying their debt in a depreciated medium and... in the final liquidation of the payments which shall have been made, due regard will be had to an equitable allowance for the circumstance of depreciation.” –Thomas Jefferson.

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