Meeting Ruskin Bond was a dream come true

Meeting Ruskin Bond was a dream come true

Aditi Anand, a 13yearold Hyderabad girl, met author Ruskin Bond through the platform called Landmark Child Reading to Child Initiative The IX standard girl from Delhi Public School in Secunderabad shared her experiences with Arti Adke

Aditi Anand, a 13-year-old Hyderabad girl, met author Ruskin Bond through the platform called Landmark Child Reading to Child Initiative. The IX standard girl from Delhi Public School in Secunderabad shared her experiences with Arti Adke.


What did you learn from ‘Child Reading to Child’ platform?
From child reading to child, I learnt the importance of reading out aloud and reading with expression. I realised how important it was to pause at the right place, pronounce words in the way they should be and the little actions which makes a story interesting. Child reading to child is a wonderful initiative which improves the self confidence and oratory skills of young children.

At what age did you start writing and reading?
I started reading really short books and ladybird novels like Peter and Jane and the very hungry caterpillar around the age of five. I tried to use my vivid imagination and loved making up really short stories at around the age of seven but I'm pretty sure none of them actually made much sense.

Which is your favorite book and why?
I love reading Enid Blyton's books because it makes me feel really warm and I love her style of writing. Also, the series Secret Seven was the actual reason why I started to love reading. My favorite book series is Malory Towers by Enid Blyton.... I fell in love with her beautiful style of writing which made me feel as though I was actually in school, surrounded by the people I love. Her descriptions, imagery, use of words and the reinforcement of strong moral principles, not in a preachy way made it one of my favorites.

What is it in you that you won the competition?
I have always loved reading, writing and theatre. When I heard that I could actually win a chance to meet Ruskin Bond, I couldn't have been more excited. I tried to use my good oratory skills, clear diction and the little knowledge of theatre and voice which I have... to make my reading enjoyable and enchanting. My confidence and love for books and words also helped me win this unimaginable chance to meet Ruskin Bond.

How was it meeting with Ruskin Bond?
Meeting with Ruskin Bond was like a dream come true. I couldn't believe I had actually met the boy who loved trees even when I was seated just inches away from him. Bond was extremely hospitable and had a remarkable sense of humour.He shared various anecdotes and little instances which enthralled all of us. He also gave us little tips on writing and encouraged all of us to follow our dreams.

The fact that we were able to meet him at the place where he actually cooked up all his tales was just amazing! His house was wonderful, colourful, homely,cosy and every nook and cranny was crammed with books. He was ever so kind and considerate and had a pair of charm. I don't think I will ever forget this meeting in my entire life.... it sure was one of a kind.

Something about Ruskin Bond you noticed or learnt and you want to tell the readers?
Before I met Bond, I was quite nervous even at the thought of being in such close quarters with such a remarkable and world renowned man. But the second I stepped into his cosy condo, his warm smile and jolly air put me at ease. A person with such a high status as Bond was extremely kind and down to earth. He was appreciative of the little things and made everyone feel good.

The impact that he made on me was that the second I left his place, I wanted to write. And keep writing and keep writing. His attitude towards his passion and his never give up attitude deeply inspired me. He never ever gave up on himself and once he decides that he wanted to be an author he didn't stop until he was one of the best authors ever. His love for nature and trees also made me feel connected to him, being a nature and animal lover myself.

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