Something to look forward to

Something to look forward to

Director Sundar C has earned a reputation of churning out feel- good comedies and his latest offering 'Something Something' with Siddharth falls in...

Director Sundar C has earned a reputation of churning out feel- good comedies and his latest offering 'Something Something' with Siddharth falls in the same category. While most of the sequences are clich�d and outdated, you still get to 'like' the film because he manages to strike a chord with his lead characters who are presented as plain and hapless individuals and the ones who meet the situations than dictating them.
It's a 'been there' and 'done that' story, but what makes the narration interesting is the way Sundar infuses funny sequences in the film and supporting his vision are the lead characters, Siddharth and Brahmananadam. It's a story of a nerd (Kumar) who has to keep up to his family image of opting for a love marriage- his elder sisters are already well-settled with their loved ones and he is next in line. However, Kumar has been at the receiving end of girls since his school days. Things take a turn when a smart and sexy Sanjana (Hansika) is recruited by the firm that Kumar works for. While everybody falls head over heels for her, it's Kumar who is desperate to woo her and get her. Unable to have a word with her, he approaches Premji (Brahmanandam), a love guru, to clear his hurdles. Will Kumar be able to get Sanjana with Premji's tactics? Though the subject rests heavily on the shoulders of Brahmanandam and Siddharth, Sundar is clearly at the helm of affairs and ensures that he gets the best out of his principle characters. With able support from the witty one-liners of writer Veligonda Suresh, Premji brings the house down every now and then and it's his razor-sharp synergy with Kumar that does a world of good to the film. While Premji's tricks seem silly and ridiculous at times, they pay rich dividends to Kumar and in turn give you a good laughter. The film has its weak links too. Appearing to be made on shoe-string budget, the film certainly lacks high-quality production values. Made as a Tamil-Telugu bilingual, the film has more of Tamil flavour, with crucial scenes and songs being shot in Tamil. Cast wise, taking a backseat for the senior in the house Brahmanandam, Siddharth too shines in the film. Here is an actor who knows how to milk a situation or a line and exactly where to stop before it goes overboard. Brahmanandam is undoubtedly the show-stealer of the film. Giving a run for Sid's money with his trendy costumes, he overshadows Sid at most occasions. Hansika fumbles with his lengthy Telugu monologues, but carries the emotion forward. Ganesh Venkatraman gets a raw deal. On the whole, 'Something Something' has the necessary elements to look forward for a weekend viewing. And for all you die-hard Samantha fans, her brief cameo appearance in a salwar kameez and that too in rain, definitely makes the film a one-time watch. Something Something Cast: Siddharth, Brahmanandam and Hansika Music: Sathya Direction: Sundar C Genre: Romantic comedy Rating: ***
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