With just the right 'tadka'

With just the right tadka

A frame to frame remake is not always the best option for a filmmaker or for the audience, especially if the original has developed a cult status. By...

A frame to frame remake is not always the best option for a filmmaker or for the audience, especially if the original has developed a cult status. By retaining the soul of the original, necessary cosmetics to suit the native audience can reap in benefits- remember Pawan Kalyan's 'Gabbar Singh' last year. In 'Tadakha', director Dolly (Kishore) too does a similar job. He gives his own makeover to the original Linguswamy venture,' Vettai', but makes sure that the film is not robbed off its emotional punch. The razor-sharp synergy between the two brothers played by Naga Chaitanya and Sunil, their emotional bondage, music and more importantly the background score which gives it the life make 'Tadakha' a worthy affair if not better than the Linguswamy fun ride which had Madhavan and Arya as brothers. Like with all Linguswamy films, the story is simple, but the sequences that he piles up leading up to the penultimate portions define his films. Sivaramakrishna (Sunil) is a timid cop who prays to God on the first day of his duty - Naaku criminals dorakkapoina parledhu nenu matram vallaku dorakakudadu (Never mind I nab criminals I should not be nabbed by them). He is asked to handle the case of a school kid who is kidnapped by the powerful gangster Kashi of the region. Siva explains the situation to his brother Karthik (Naga Chaitanya) who is stark different from him- a strong individual, who is extremely protective about his inspector brother. Masking as Siva, he, besides getting the girl from the clutches of the goons, also seizes the vehicles that carry smuggled goods of Bagga (Ashutosh Rana), another kingpin behind the illegal empire of the area. Amidst all this, Siva, who receives bouquets for his heroic-acts, marries Nandu (Andrea Jeremiah), a no-nonsense woman. She has a sister Pallavi (Tamannaah) who falls for Karthik at first sight. However, things take a violent-turn when both the mobsters find out that it was younger brother who tricked them. What next?
In addition to the sequences where Karthik crosses a moving goods train at the rate of knots to save his brother who is thrown on the track by thugs, the one where a muscular Siva takes Kashi on his own and the climax portion where Siva gets up after beaten up badly, the dialogues of the film turn out to be other high points of the film. Raktham vadivokkadikae poyindochchu kani gayam matram iddaridi (He might have lost the blood, but the scars will be on both of us) and Samudram nishabdanga undante toofan rabotunnadhi ani ardham (A silent sea is an indicator of a storm) are two among many dialogues that add to the narrative. Other necessary ingredients like entertainment and romance are in required doses. However, it does have its share of weak links. Action sequences which are aplenty in the film could have been more 'creatively conceived' than being the normal dishum-dishum stuff. Striking rights chords with their chemistry, it was disheartening to see Sunil and Andrea get very limited footage together. The cast lend a great support to the drama. If Naga Chaitanya as the jobless individual does an Arya, Sunil too was not too far behind. He convincingly shifts gears from that of a guy who lives in fear to the one who is after the law breakers. Chaitanya dances with confidence this time. Although the leading ladies get a raw deal, they too make their presence on screen. Ashutosh Rana was decent. On the whole, 'Tadakha' is a wholesome popcorn entertainer which has elements an average filmgoer looks forward to. A paisa vasool fare to beat the scorching heat. Tadakha Cast: Naga Chaitanya, Sunil, Tamannaah and Andrea Jeremiah Music: SS Thaman Direction: Dolly (Kishore) Genre: Action-drama Rating ***
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