Buddhism should be revived in Telangana: Mahathero

Buddhism should be revived  in Telangana: Mahathero

Noted Buddhist monk Sangharakshita Mahathero said here on Sunday that the human society would flourish only through Buddhism.A "Buddhism is the only...

Noted Buddhist monk Sangharakshita Mahathero said here on Sunday that the human society would flourish only through Buddhism.A "Buddhism is the only religion which has proved practically that a society with humanist values could be created by preaching Damma Padham," he added after the logo of Neo Buddhist Society was unveiled at the Press Club here.

He appealed to the people to bring awareness among their families in general and women in particular regarding Buddhism to bring more people in its fold. He recalled that South India was the stronghold of Buddhism for several centuries. He underlined the importance of reviving Buddhism in Telangana area.

Buddhism has the distinctive identity among all the religions in the world, A K Ramachandra Murthy, Editor-in-Chief of The Hans India and HMTV said while unveiling the logo of the Neo Buddhist Society at the Press Club. Addressing the meeting, he said that Buddhism has influenced a number of countries around the world. "Buddhism had shown the solution to the various inequalities in the Hinduism," he opined. Underlining the importance of Buddhism in a country like India, he said that it would provide effective solution to the problems plaguing our society.


He called upon the Neo Buddhist Society to spread awareness among people regarding Buddhism and historical facts. Mallepalli Lakshmaiah, president of the State unit of Neo Buddhist Society, said that Buddhism is the only religions which promoted benevolence, love and equality in the society. A He said that there was ample proof that Buddhism flourished in Telangana thousands of years ago. He said that several Buddhist monks had striven to bring social change in the society in this area and the historical evidence was available in this respect.

He recalled that Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar embraced Buddhism in the belief that this was the only religion which could remove social inequalities and caste discrimination. "About 15 lakh people embraced Buddhism on the same day along with him which was a milestone in the history of world," he added.

Lakshmaiah said that Buddhism helped the social and economic growth of the country in its glory days. "Several states in the country are still following Buddhism," he pointed out.A He said that Neo Buddhist Society was started with Siddhipet in Medak district as headquarters to spread awareness among people about Buddhism. "The activities of the Society would spread soon throughout the State," he said.

It has been decided to construct Bouddha Aramas at various places and the historical places of Buddhism would be identified, he added. Neo Buddhist Society representatives Rajesh, Balaraju, Anil Kumar, Maruti and others spoke.

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