GVK-EMRI?pays no heed to 108 employees' demands

GVK-EMRI?pays no heed to 108 employees demands

GVK-EMRI refuses to hike salaries and cut down working hours from 12 to 8 Three-hr talks fails Further talks on July 25 Hyderabad:...

  • GVK-EMRI refuses to hike salaries and cut down working hours from 12 to 8
  • Three-hr talks fails
  • Further talks on July 25

Hyderabad: Officials of GVK-EMRI refused to hike the salaries and lessen the working hours from 12 to 8 hours of the 108 employees. With the initiation of Additional Commissioner of Labour, Prasad, the discussions between employees of 108 services and GVK-EMRI continued for more than three hours but without any development.

According to MOU reached between the employee leaders and government, only GVK-EMRI could pay salaries and consider working hours of employees, hence there is no change in the stand. The leaders of the employees of 108 emergency services had tabled their demands including job security, salary hike and stopping the harassment of the employees for sanctioning leaves and avoid unnecessary transfers or suspensions of employees and eight-hour duty etc before GVK- EMRI officials.

"GVK-EMRI is neither agreeing to hike the salary of employees nor giving consent for 8-hour duty for them. Meantime, they are disagreeing extra pay for extra working hours also. What they assured to us is they just bring the issue to the notice of the government," said Bhopal, honorary president of 108 Employees Union. He further added that GVK management was following blackmailing techniques by giving SMS to the employees who participated in the strike about new recruitments and dismissal of employees participated in the strike etc.

"We completely condemn these blackmail tactics and continue our strike until our demands are fulfilled completely. We are ready for conducting talks at any time with anybody, Whereas, GVK-EMRI did not take any initiative to solve the issue. Because of its wait and tactics, the people in the state would face so many problems. They are already suffering from floods and lack of emergency medical services. Anyone can easily understand the plight of common people at this crucial time of natural disasters," said Bhopal.

The CMSA Union extended its support for the demands raised by 108 employees. Speaking with the media, K Satish, and state secretary demanded to solve their demands as early as possible.

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