Love, life and laughter in right doses

Love, life and laughter in right doses

The packed-to-capacity theatre erupts with energy as Karthik (Nitin) pays a cinematic tribute to Power Star Pawan Kalyan's memorable number Emaiyindo...

gundeThe packed-to-capacity theatre erupts with energy as Karthik (Nitin) pays a cinematic tribute to Power Star Pawan Kalyan's memorable number Emaiyindo Eevela. The response reiterates that commercial cinema is all about magic, charisma and how important it is for an actor to be a star to take a script on his shoulder to deliver it. It is this conversion rate that makes for a success story. Nitin still has it in him and this is the screaming confirmation of his latest outing. The post-hibernation spell at the box-office works like magic. Gundejaari.. is probably the nearest that T o l l y - wood would get to a PG Woodhouse (English humourist) scenario. The combo of a Woodhouseian plot with the works of Tollywood is the heady combination around which the filmmaker (Vijay Kumar Konda) works, as does the film. The film also proves that cinematic success is not so much about renewing a formula as it is about chemistry, timing and that "inexplicable something." Gundejari� retains that x factor in abundance. To start with, it is unpretentious; a fun film made with passion and while willing to entertain, not designed to insult your intelligence. The cast falls in place to deliver an absorbing end product, although a tad long at 147 minutes. Karthik (Nitin) succumbs to 'love at first sight' syndrome when he runs into Shruti (Isha Talwar) at his friend Pandu's (Ali) wedding. A minor mixup in cell phone numbers leads to a major comedy of errors. Karthik's friend Madhu (Madhu Nanda) is in love with a girl, but does not have the guts to propose. Karthick thus dictates the modus operandi on how to go about it. His love story goes through blundering moments even as Karthik keeps calling a number and while he assumes he is talking to Shruti, on the other end is Shravani (Nitya Menen). The quadrangular comedy of errors is the storyline. Who wins and who loses is best seen on the silver screen. The cast is full of beans with the lone exception of Isha Talwar who is busy reciting her lines. Comedy is expectedly around Ali and Tagubothu Ramesh, the latest Keshto of Tollywood. Both ensure you get adequate laughs. Ali is certainly in his element. The support cast have very little to do. Madhu Nanda is the friend cum coclaimant to the love of Shruti who comes up with an average, but sincere performance. Nitya Menen is good mix of glamour and emotion who proves that an actress can make hay even in a glam doll role in Tollywood provided she is given a scene or two. I. Andrews who chooses the love song scenes for his fine cinematography does not fail. Do not miss out the songs and the perfect gelling of the camera work. Anoop Ruebens may not be a melody master, but he has enough rhythm that will make him a sure favourite with the generation that loves foot tapping numbers. Nitin is undoubtedly the main stay of the film. Give him the dance scenes and he is light footed; Give him stunts and he comes up a winner. Ditto with lighter moments. He throws in a good degree of sincerity in the emotional scenes and his looks work to his advantage in the romantic scenes. With luck finally smiling at him, he shows that patience and perseverance can pay off. For those who are looking for a harmless pot-boiler with fun and some action, this work. Nice way to usher in the summer. - L Ravichander GUNDE JAARIA GALLANTHAYYINDE Cast: NityaA Menen, Nitin Music: AnupA Rubens Direction: VijayA Kumar Genre: Romance Rating ***
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