Partial black-out in AP

Partial black-out in AP

Partial black-out in AP. With the electricity employees of Seemandhra region boycotting their duties en masse on a call given by the Employees JAC against the bifurcation of State ,

Power cut in Hyderabad too for longer duration

  • Supply restored on war-footing in six districts
  • 30,000 electricity employees join anti-T stir
  • Power generation output falls by 3,500 MW
  • Power supply to Tirumala, VSP disrupted

With the electricity employees of Seemandhra region boycotting their duties en masse on a call given by the Employees JAC against the bifurcation of State , the State, particularly Seemandhra, faced severe power crisis on the second day on Sunday. Left with no option, APTransco continued imposing unscheduled power cuts across the state. Hyderabad too is experiencing power cuts for longer spells.

Border districts of neighbouring Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra have also begun to reel under power cuts.

Engineers working at NTTPS (Narla Tatarao Thermal Power station) in Vijayawada, RTPS (Rayala- seema Thermal Power station) in Kadapa are abstaining from their duties. Power generation in the seven units of NTTPS with a capacity of 1,500 MW and at 1,050 MW in RTPS was completely shut . The hydel power generation units in Srisailam and Sileru were no exception. In all, 3,500 MW power generation has been affected.

APGenco officials said that the repair works pending in NTTPS and RTPS also delayed with the continuous strike by engineers. The units will not resume power generation unless the technical faults are rectified.

The indefinite strike, coupled with problems in coal supply to different thermal units, brought the power generation by about 3,500 MW in the State. The power outages brought dozens of trains to a screeching halt and affected emergency services in hospitals, reportedly resulting in a few deaths of children. It also affected the operations of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (VSP), forcing it to scale down the production. The strike has hit power generation in major plants such as the VTPS and the RTPS wherein the generation loss accounted for 1,050 MW and 850 MW respectively. The operations at the hydel units of Srisailam right bank canal were also hit, resulting in a generation loss of 650 MW. The supply from the central thermal powers stations also came down by 700 MW as they were also affected by the short supply of coal. However, it is a temporary phenomenon and can be addressed overnight, said officials. JAC Chairman R Saibaba announced that there would be no exemption to emergency services like hospital, water supply and agriculture. He said the strike would continue till the Centre takes back its decision to bifurcate the state. The strike may affect electricity generation and supply not just in the 13 districts of Seemandhra, but may also hit transmission in Hyderabad and other parts of Telangana region.

It is feared that the strike may have its bearing on the southern grid as all four southern states – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu – are inter-linked.

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