Doing the new at TGIF
Doing the new at TGIF

 How do we know if a restaurant is worth a second visit? It’s simple! If they keep experimenting and re-inventing the menu, It is a sign that they want to keep their patrons interested and TGIF at Forum Mall does just that! 

Slightly priced on the higher side when compared to other joints in the area but this is justified by the massive quantity and the superior quality of the food they serve. 

The dinner we had was specially organized for us to try the new additions to the menu and were we in for a treat. The new additions that we tried at the dinner were simply delightful.

‘Kung Pao Spicy Wings’ were packed with the mouth-watering Asian flavours and textures. Doing the new at TGIF

They are available in both wings and strips variants and we absolutely loved how spicy they were.  ‘Hangover Cocktail’, the name says it all! This showstopper cocktail is an absolute must try and you cannot afford to miss it. It is a whole meal in itself sufficient for one. 

Vodka with the classic bloody Mary, loaded with celery, olives, skewer, slider, fries and franks red hot wings. Doesn’t that sound delectable?

‘Hangover Burger’ , served with caramelized onions, garlic aioli, pepper bacon and sunny side up, this huge burger is one of the vibrant and juiciest one the whole menu. Do not miss the apple butter barbeque sauce which comes along with it. 

‘Chimmichuri Chicken Skewers’, another TGIF special that is served with salad and potato wedges as accompaniments are perfect to taste and flavours. The soft meat and charcoal flavour are to die for.

Wrap up your meal with ‘Cinnamon Cheese Cake’, this little delight was the star of the night. Not every brand or eatery experiments with cheesecakes and prefers sticking to regular flavours of blueberry, red velvet or strawberry. 

But TGIF has produced a star in the kitchen by going a step ahead and making cinnamon cheese cake. The perfect balance of cinnamon in the cheesecake made for a blissful dish. It is an absolute delight and a MUST TRY! 

Sizzling Walnut Brownie, Brownie with ice cream is a classic for dessert but this Sizzling Walnut Brownie with white chocolate sauce was just scrumptious. The crunchy flavours of the walnuts and the richness of the smooth white chocolate sauce was heavenly.

It’s not just food that they have added to the menu. There are new drinks as well, which includes the Strawberry Lynchburg Lemonade, Ultimate Pomegranate Margarita and, Dirty Martini to name a few.
Location: 4th Floor, Forum Sujana Mall, Phase 6, KPHB, Kukatpally. Ph:30534204

ByZubair Ali