Monsoons bring a chill in the air when all you want to do is snuggle up in your blanket and take a long nap. Sad part is, not all of us have that luxury as we have jobs that to go to. 

However, throwing a weekend party to celebrate monsoon is the perfect way to unwind after a tiresome week. Not all of us like our drinks the same way, some want it sweet, some tangy and a few others want it spiced up.

Here are a few cocktail ideas that blend perfectly with the mood of monsoon and would get you tripping happily

Currant and litchi martini slush

Litchis are everyone's favourite during monsoons and it's even better when you add a little vodka to it. 

The currant stops it from being too sweet and gives it a perfect taste. You have got to try this floral drink.

Hot buttered rum

Why is the rum always gone? So many of us love rum just as much as Captain Jack Sparrow and warming it up with butter just adds cherry to the cake.

Bourbon tropical peach cocktail

It contains white whiskey, peach schnapps and pineapple juice. 

The aroma itself is going to attract you towards this heavenly frothy drink.

Apple cocktail 

The drink contains cinnamon sticks which are sure to keep you warm in the cold monsoon weather. 

You can't cozy up in your blanket, but this drink is the next best thing.

Dirty banana 

Most of us are huge fans of coffee banana shakes. This drink just adds a tad of liqueur twist to it. 

So, go ahead and indulge in your guilty pleasures.

Litchi eyeballs 

This drink will add a certain oomph to your party with its beautiful appearance. 

It contains two of the seasons most delicious fruits- litchi and pineapple. A little bit of ginger should keep the cold at bay.

Sugar plum fairy 

It contains plum wine and pomegranate vodka, both of which are sought after monsoon fruits. 

Moreover, this drink is super easy to make and looks gorgeous. Treat yourself to one of these on a lazy monsoon afternoon.

Hot cranberry cider with fennel and orange

This drink has a nice blend of sweet and tart flavours of the orange and cranberry respectively. 

Fennel adds to the flavour and also aids digestion- a must have for a party.

Banana mama 

Bananas, pineapple and coconut- this drink has the complete dose of monsoon fruits and they blend just beautifully. 

Mixed with rum, this drink will keep you wanting for more.

Bavarian mulled wine

This is an extra sweet drink but is packed with warm spices and is the comfort your soul needs from the chill. 

Sit by the window and have this in slow meditative sips.

Boozy pomegranate cider

It combines apple cider and pomegranate juice to bring to you a warm cozy drink for the monsoons. 

You can add dark rum or bourbon according to your preference and cinnamon sticks just enhance the flavour considerably.

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