The Frozen Ingredient - Cauliflower Smoothie
The Frozen Ingredient - Cauliflower Smoothie

Yes, you heard it right. This frozen ingredients in town is changing the smoothie game in town forever. 

This creamy cauliflower coconut smoothie blend is the creamiest of whole food goodness. You’d have no idea it was veggie based! 

The white broccoli. The pale florets that you grew up despising. 

But why cauliflower? 

Though it is pale in colour don’t get fooled by its colour that it lacks in nutrients, it is packed with goodness and resides in the same curciferous family of Broccoli, Kale, Cabbage and Brussels sprouts high in phytochemicals, vitamin C, and vitamin K amongst many other heart- healthy, disease fighting nutrients. Cauliflower is low in calories yet high in fibre. It has sulphur compounds which fight acne and protect the delicate retinol tissues in our eyes.


2 handful Kale( or spinach) 

1.5 cups frozen cauliflower 

1 frozen banana 

1 tablespoon coconut butter ( or Almond butter or Hemp seeds)

1 scoop greens powder ( optional, I used grass raw reserve powder)

3/4 cup filtered water 

1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk 


Blend all the ingredients to high speed until smooth and creamy and dreamy top it with fruits and / granola enjoy. Bon appetite.

Makes -3-4 servings 

Prep -5 minutes 

Start - finish 10 minutes 

Carb grams - per serving - 10 

Nutritional value 

Per serving - 49 calories 

Total fat - 1 gm

Carbohydrates- 10 grams 

Fibre - 2 grams 

Protein - 2 grams 

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