8 skin care essentials for summer backpackers

8 skin care essentials for summer backpackers

8 skin care essentials for summer backpackers. For those who love to backpack in summers, the season can be usually hard on the skin and there is a...

For those who love to backpack in summers, the season can be usually hard on the skin and there is a greater need to tend to the skin woes.

Dr. Sirisha Singh, the founding member and partner consultant at The Skin Center, has listed the must-carry products for those planning a trip this summer.

• Cleanser: Although all hotels provide cleansers, they are often very harsh and can be damaging for the skin. It is advisable to carry your regular cleanser while travelling.

• Sunscreen: This probably qualifies as the most important content in your vanity case while travelling. If on a beach holiday, it is advisable to carry a water-resistant sunscreen and one may also carry a spray sunscreen for applying on your arms and feet. People who travel frequently for work may benefit from using a compact with a built in SPF. This will give a matte appearance to the skin and also provide UV protection.

• Moisturizer: If you have sensitive skin or suffer from an underlying skin issue, it is preferable to carry one's own moisturizer to prevent a skin break-out which could potentially ruin your trip.

• Lip balm: Long haul flights and holidays on the beach can leave you with chapped and dry lips. A hydrating lip balm with SPF would help keep the lips moist and prevent darkening of the lips due to UV damage. It can also be used prior to using a lip gloss or lipstick to reduce the damage to the lips from chemicals in the make-up.

• Shampoo and conditioner: All hotels do provide shampoos but these often have large amounts of sodium laureth suphate, which is the detergent responsible for cleansing the hair. This often leaves the hair frizzy and unmanageable. To avoid bad hair days while travelling, it is advisable to carry a shampoo and conditioner.

• Active products: It may be advisable to carry products containing calamine or Aloe Vera while travelling. These can be used to soothe the skin in case of a rash or mosquito bites. They can also be useful for immediate short term management of mild itchy skin conditions and reduce the need to see a dermatologist while in a different country or town.

• Make-up: Regular travelers may keep an extra stock of their favorite make-up products in their travel case.

• Medications: If one suffers from an underlying skin problem like eczema or psoriasis or if one is prone to develop allergies, it is worthwhile to carry some medicated creams to be used in case of an emergency.

Make a checklist of products to be carried in your vanity case to avoid missing something out. This will ensure you look your radiant best while travelling.

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