Shear, Sheer, Seer

Shear, Sheer, Seer

Some people enjoy spending sheerly in the presence of a seer. Why? Seer is a person with unusual powers and can guide others with that power. 

Some people enjoy spending sheerly in the presence of a seer. Why? Seer is a person with unusual powers and can guide others with that power.

Shear functions as a noun and verb.

Shear is a cutting tool. Shear can be a large tool such as the one with a cutting blade used in cutting metal sheets or a medium size one to cut hedges.

In physics, shear refers to the deformation of an object. Shear means to become twisted under pressure, to break under pressure (The axis sheared and came off as the bus took a turn…).

Shear as the verb refers to cutting something such as the wool off the sheep (sheep-shearing), to remove the wool from the sheep, removing the unwanted growth in plants for which there are gardeners whose job is shearing hedges.

Shear means to cut the wool off a sheep with shears.

Sheep-shearing is a skill.

Shepherds shear sheep with shears, if not, with knives. Sheep-shearing is done manually and using mechanical devices.

Shear is an irregular verb: its past tense and past participle are shore/shom and sheared (shear-shore-sheared or shear-shom-sheared).

Shearer is a person who cuts the wool off a sheep, goat; and a person who uses shears to cut metal sheets, leather in a manufacturing unit.

The derivatives of shear are shears, shearing (verb).

Sheer is an adjective. Sheer means to complete, thorough, something done without restriction.

Have you done any act that was sheer stupidity?

What the politicians are saying at the time of elections is a sheer nonsense.

The whole stadium walked out as the cricket match between the two T20 teams turned out to be a sheer scene of boredom.

People enjoy the sheer pleasure of being in the nature: big or small, water body or jungle.

Sheer means thin, light and almost transparent material?

Hollywood and Bollywood starlets are widely reported in the press about their shear acts of dimwit and humanitarian work.

Shear means not mix with other things, not mixed with extraneous elements, unmingled, unmixed.

The priest blessed the couple for a shear journey of togetherness.

Sheer also refers to a thing that is thin, so thin that it can transmit light such as a diaphanous garment, gauzy sheets or fabrics: sheer silk stockings, chiffons appear and disappear for that is the rule of the fashion.

Sheerly is an adverb meaning purely, utterly; sheerness is a noun.

Seer is the one who divines the future as he or she is an authoritative in understanding a religion or philosophy.

By: Kovuuri G Reddy

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