Kalvakuntala Taraka Rama Rao
Kalvakuntala Taraka Rama Rao

Nacharam: The journey from being a common man to becoming the state cabinet minister for IT, Industries and commerce has not been a cake walk for Kalvakuntala Taraka Rama Rao. But however, after donning the role for more than three years now, he has ensured that he is accessible to all the residents of Telangana at any given point of time, to help them out in the times of crisis or appreciate them for any good work what they do.

SVC Prakash, Principal of Vennela Junior College, Sircilla told The Hans India, “One- and-a- half year back, when KTR held a Gram Sabha in the village of Sircilla ( his adopted village), a boy named Pitla Narsimhulu of Chekod village went up to him limping, as he had polio in his left leg, to the dais. The moment he walked up to him, there was a pin drop silence. Our minister did not know how to react, as he had never faced a situation like this earlier.”

He further added, “The boy handed over a piece of paper to him in which he had written that he needed a job. KTR took the same paper wrote a letter to me to provide him a job in my college, which I immediately did as soon as I received the letter.”

Narrating further, SVC Prakash said, “After he had joined the services in my college, I still remember our minister calling me on a daily basis to find out about the boy. And ensure that I give him special attention so that he develops.”

“I called Pitla Narsimhulu and asked him about his family. He said that he had four sisters, in the process of getting them married his father had incurred debts for about Rs 1 lakh, but still he had managed to complete his post graduation (MA) in Telugu. He was living in a hut and wanted to give a good life to his family. Since his parents are aged and he had to support them, since he was disabled and he did not know how to make use of technology he was not getting a job anywhere so, he had to resort to working here”, said SVC Prakash.

When asked about how did the JRF (Junior Research Fellowship) come about in the life of Pitla Narsimhulu, Prakash said, “As a routine call, KTR called me that evening to know about Pitla Narsimhulu. I narrated the complete story to him, to which he replied that he was aware of most of the facts and asked me to encourage him to continue his studies. The other day when I met him, I asked him to spend more time for his academics and less time at his work so, that in future he can have job in the college in the form of a lecturer or professor, than being dependent on others for job.”

Pitla Narsimhulu, aged 28 years went on to clinch the JRF for research studies. Once he achieved it, he was invited to Hyderabad and was felicitated by giving him a cheque of Rs 2.5 lakhs and promised him to give him a three- bed room flat in his home town.

When contacted Narsimhulu described his experience to The Hans India: “Earlier I had thought I will settle down with the job of an attender in the college, but the affection of our minister and the guidance of SVC Prakash sir I have been able to achieve this success. I owe everything what I have to KTR sir and SVC Prakash sir.”

Concluding the conversation Prakash told The Hans India, “A leader should have the qualities to inspire and influence the people around him and our minister has proved that he is an ideal combination of  a true leader who knows how to strike a balance “

Neelam Shaw