Two persons nabbed; Rs 81,000 cash seized

Two persons nabbed; Rs 81,000 cash seized

Betting on the on-going Indian Premier League cricket matches which reached the crucial stage is going on in full swing in the districts of Khammam and Karimnagar. 

Khammam/ Karimnagar: Betting on the on-going Indian Premier League cricket matches which reached the crucial stage is going on in full swing in the districts of Khammam and Karimnagar.

Large number of youth and some top businessmen made betting as their hobby and for some of them, it has become a full-time business. Different factors have contributed to uncontrolled cricket betting, the lure of easy money being the prime motive among them. Another would be the failure of investigators to secure conviction of those involved.

Though the police claim to have curbed the betting menace in major areas, there are several reports of betting still taking place in many town and semi-urban areas. As special teams of the city police are cracking down on the betting racket, many organisers have moved on to the city outskirts using the residential buildings, lodges and houses in remote areas.

Recently, the police conducted raids on the dens based on tip-offs from informants and old offenders. Though the police had raided a few places, the big sharks are yet to be trapped.

The Khammam Task Force police officials under the inspection of Circle Inspector Anjaneyulu nabbed Mallikarjuna Rao who was allegedly running a cricket betting racket at Gandhinagar of Khammam city on Sunday night and seized Rs.81,266 one TV and 11 mobiles from him.

The Karimnagar Task Force sleuths led by Circle Inspectors Srinivas Rao and Madhavi nabbed two persons Dodija Mukesh alias Megharam and Bodakunta Nagesh alias Mallesh who were allegedly running a cricket betting racket in Karimnagar City on Monday and seized two mobiles and cash worth Rs.45,000 from their possession.

Since bookies operate secretly from a specific place, no other eyewitnesses are available except the operators themselves or their aides, when police raid their hideouts. The police can rely on its circumstantial and material evidence. Mobile phones that are seized from them, notebooks or paper slips containing details of the money at stake and TV sets are the only articles investigators can use to link the accused to the crime. Here too, the lack of evidence to link persons with bookies is becoming a stumbling block.

Speaking to The Hans India here on Tuesday, Circle Inspector of the Karimnagar Task Force Srinivas Rao said that with the emergence of the internet, bettings were taking place even beyond the national boundaries as websites setup anywhere in the world can play host to such activities. The organiser who control the bettings. get a share of 10 percent on each bet.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police (Task Force) Rehman of Khammam said that with orders issued by the Commissioner of Police Tafseer Iqbal, special teams were deployed to keep a check on cricket betting from the beginning of the IPL series. Several organisers were apprehended by conducting raids and lodging cases against them.

If any one finds such incidents of cricket betting can dial to mobile numbers 7901143586, 9701572975 and 8885488800. The details of the persons who passed the information to the police will be kept secret, added the ACP Rehman.

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