Chandrababu master of fake statistics: Srikanth Reddy
Chandrababu master of fake statistics: Srikanth Reddy

YSRCP senior leader and Rayachoti MLA Gadikota Srikanth Reddy said that the people of Andhra Pradesh are looking forward eagerly for Chandrababu to go to Telangana. Addressing a press conference at the Lotus Pond office of the YSRCP on Saturday, Srikanth Reddy said that wherever Chandrababu goes, drought follows him. For the first ever time, Chandrababu himself has admitted that the state was reeling under the impact of severe drought for the last seven years. He told this to the Central team which was on a field visit. He said Chandrababu had admitted that 33.60 lakh acres of crop was damaged due to the drought and over 16.52 lakh farmers were affected. He said on rain fall however, Cahndrababu Naidu has furnished false figures to the Central team. He said while there was 542 mm rain fall in the state, Chandrababu said that there was 556 mm of rainfall.

He sought to know what did Chandrababu do to provide succor to the drought hit farmers all these years. He has been conducting water teleconferences, weekly reviews and ministerial meetings one a weekly basis, but has done precious little for the farmers. He said Chandrababu Naidu has focused on Mahakutami elections in Telangana and diverted lot of funds for the elections. He said Chandrababu Naidu knows that he would be hounded out of AP, so he got a house constructed at Rs 100 crore in Hyderabad. The people of the state were eagerly waiting for Chandrababu to leave AP, the Rayachoty MLA quipped.

"Chandrababu did not even give input subsidy to the farmers. He did nothing to help the farmers. AP has the highest number of farm loans and indebtedness is a big problem. He is wasting public money in the name of national and international tours," Srikanth Reddy said. He also pooh poohed Chandrababu's claims that agricultural growth in AP was 17.8 per cent, industrial growth was 9.68 and service sector growth is 9.17 per cent. "These are false figures. Chandrababu should explain how the state could achieve such agricultural growth when the state is suffering from drought for 7 consecutive years," he asked. Chandrababu is an expert in falsifying statistics, he added.

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