Success story of RASTRA

Success story of RASTRA

Our electoral survey results which was surveyed for 54 constituencies, out which in 51 places Rastra survey stood tall and correct

Our electoral survey results which was surveyed for 54 constituencies, out which in 51 places Rastra survey stood tall and correct.

Rajnikanth Rao E, who stands tall and the man behind this success. Rajnikanth, who after working in the United States of America for 12 long years in various positions.

He who has immense respect towards politics and with utmost social consciousness, move to his motherland to extend his service to this nation. He with the great responsibility was part of many present time movements by joining hand in hand with Anna Hazare, Jayaprakash Narayana, Arvind Kejriwal, Nobel laureate Kylash Sahyadr.
Rajnikanth, with the firm determination to serve his nation, joined AAP for a brief period as political intellect.

In collaboration with MP Vinod Kumar, he fought for the rights of vulnerable orphan children and successfully tabled it in the Parliament. With his endless efforts, he has successfully brought the reasonable changes in the government's policies on the same.

Rajnikanth, who firmly believes that radical change in people’s lives can be achieved only through the political process. To achieve his dream, he floated Social Post to do the advocacy for politicians and political parties with the aim to win in the electoral battle. With likeminded people who have the expertise and experience at grassroots levels, the organization has successfully left its credible mark in recent Telangana state elections under the leadership of Rajinikanth.

What did Social Post did in 30 constituencies?

1) Comprehensive Survey: to understand the constituency in brief, a team of 30 surveyors conducts an in detail survey by visiting every village, habitation, ward, and colony. Which then publishes an in detail survey which include political survey, leadership survey and development survey.

2) Problems and Solutions: considering the survey, we tried to solve the problems and hurdles which the sitting MLA needs to address.

3) Confidence building within the party cadre: based on the leadership survey results, we tried to build the gap between the leader and cadre. Identified the people who show their eagerness to join the party.

4) Exclusive programs of youth: organized special and exclusive 50 days free training programs for the youth who are preparing for various competitive exams such as SI, Constable, and VRO.

5) Reach out to Middle class: programs such as “I will ask your question” (mee prasna nenu adugutha), Apartment visit (Apartment Darshan), “Bus Yatra”. Where conducted to reach middle class.

6) Upsurge reach with beneficiaries: has written letters to all the beneficiaries of Social schemas such as “Rythu Bandu”, “Shadi Mubarak”, “Kalyana lakshmi”, “Aasara pensions” and other various schemas, asking them to vote for TRS party.

7) Publicizing the development done: has effectively publicized the development work of the present MLA or the Ex-MLA. Has created engaging posters, videos, broachers, songs, flexes and etc, through which messages reached the people clearly.

8) Effective use of Social Media: we have extensively used Social media as a tool to reach people. We have successfully created the day to day schedule of our client, making video films on all the development works done, designer of posters, made sure that all these works has reached people. We have trained the cadre, youth in using social media for effective Champaign. Has also created what’s up groups for every village, community and whatever way possible to post the day to day schedules and information of the client.

9) Coordination with the media: a media coordinator was appointed for every village.

10) Coordination between cadre and administration: has appointed a permanent PRO (Public Relation Officer) for every constituency.

11) Poll Management:

a) Conduct a survey, month before the elections and let know the client about their weakness and made sure that we worked on that weakness and reach the villages more

b) Programs such as “Gundea gunde ku Gulabi Janda”, “palle pallelo pragathi nivedana”.“Which are the programs to reach every individual in every village?”

c) A call center was established and called voters. In addition, trsmission and an TRS app was launched to reach every beneficiary.

d) Advertising Supplies: all the required supplies for champing such as posters, pamphlets, LED vehicles, stickers, and dummy ballet paper, video and audio songs was

e) Effective use of what’s app: has strengthened our clients by equipping them with latest technologies, by which they can send personal messages to people apart of group and
bulk messages.

f) Encouraging voters to vote: “Our village is calling” (Mana Vuru Pilusthundi) program was intensively done in all villages, which encouraged the voters who reside outside the village to come and vote on the D day. The result can be seen in the huge turnout in elections.

g) For every five booth a cluster was created and a cluster co-coordinator was assigned to co-ordinate things.

h) A survey was conducted a week before the election at booth level. A senior leader was assigned weak booths to take control of the situation by poll management.

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