Bengali food fest to ring in Poila Baisakh in Kolkata

Bengali food fest to ring in Poila Baisakh in Kolkata

Bengali Food Fest to Ring in Poila Baisakh in Kolkata, From authentic dishes popular in erstwhile East Bengal (now Bangladesh) to an assortment of lip-smacking items associated with towns and regions of West Bengal

Indulge your taste buds this Bengali New Year with spicy cuisine alongside enticing beverages. From appetising Moroger Surua to yummy Bhetki Roll and Pomfret Paturi and improvised traditional sweets like Baked Malai Rosogolla, hotels in Kolkata have lined up a mouthwatering spread to woo their guests on Poila Baisakh on Tuesday.

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From authentic dishes popular in erstwhile East Bengal (now Bangladesh) to an assortment of lip-smacking items associated with towns and regions of West Bengal, the wide variety in the menu could make gourmands spoilt for choice.
Underlining the theme "Bangalir Bhuribhoj" (Bengalis' grand feast), Kalash, the ethnic Indian restaurant of Hotel Hindusthan International, is ready to welcome its guests with a Aam Porar Sorbot (Green Mango Juice) mocktail, accompanied by appetizers like Moroger Surua (Chicken Starter) and Pora Tomator Surua (Roast Tomato Starter).
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The non-vegetarian mainstays include Bhapa Pabda (Dteamed Pabda Fish), Bikrampurer Murgir Roast (Chicken Roast) and Hanser Duck Banglow.
No Bengali feast is complete without desserts and hence the restaurant has attempted fresher variations like Baked Malai Diye Rasogolla (Rosogolla in Baked Milk Cream), Kalakand Diye Payesh (Rice Pudding with Kalakand) and the traditional Shakti Garer Langcha (Langcha made famous by Shaktigarh town).
Mythh, the 24-hour coffee shop of the same hotel, strives to attract gastronomes with quintessential Bengali delights like Aar Machher Jhal (Long-whiskered Catfish Curry), Murgh Biryani Kolkata Style and Mutton Quorma, along with Pan-Asian, Western and Indian delicacies. Rasogollar Payesh (Rice Pudding with Rosogolla) and Hot Gulab Jamun finds a place in the dessert list, besides continental sweetdishes like Fresh Fruit Gateaux and Chocolate Grand Truffle Cake.
The Lalit Great Eastern, the new avatar of the city's landmark colonial era The Great Eastern, beckons foodies on Poila Baisakh with a menu themed Epar Bangla Theke Opar Bangla (From East to West Bengal) at its Alfresco restaurant.
Gulping down the Gandhoraaj Lebur Sharbat(Lemon Drink), one can move on to starters like Murgir Patisapta (Chicken Wrap) and then dip into Enchorer Kaliya (Jackfruit Curry), Dhokar Dalna, Pulao Ratno, Luchi ((Deep-fried Wheat Flatbread) and Thakurbarir Dal (Lentils as prepared by the Tagores of Jorasanko), to name a few. Those with a sweet tooth can relish Nolen Gurer Sandesh (Sandesh flavoured with New Date Palm Jaggery) and Chanar Payesh (Rice Pudding with Cottage Cheese).
"No celebration is complete without food. Keeping this in mind, we have created a buffet that comprises dishes, which by their taste and smell, will remind people of everything Bengali," said Executive Chef Madhumita Mohanta.
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Kolkata's niche Bengali food joint, 6 Ballygunge Place, known for its aesthethic decor and homely ambience, is ready to serve guests dishes like Pur Bhara Potol Posto (Stuffed Poppy Gourd), Kasha Aloo Dum (Potato Curry), Bhetki Macher Roll (Bhetki Fish Roll), Pomfret Macher Paturi (Pomfret baked in Banana Leaf) before rounding off with a brilliant evolution - Butterscotch Sandesh!
ITC Fortune Select Loudon has organised a three-day festival ending April 16 at its Zodiac restaurant to keep up with the festive spirit.
Christened Nabo Swade Nabo Barsho (New Taste for New Year) the gourmet fare presents exquisite cuisine from the villages of Bengal.
One can gorge on a delectable array of preparations like Rewaji Mangsor Jhol (Chicken Curry), Sorshe Dharosh (Ladyfinger in Mustard Sauce) and Fulkopier Kalia (Cauliflower Curry). For desserts, the Sita Bhog and Darbesh are some of the special highlights.
ITC Fortune Select Loudon Hotel General Manager Amitava Thakuruta said: "The Bengali penchant for gourmandizing best comes through on Poila Baisakh when people love to revisit their roots. The true spirit of Poila Baisakh is incomplete without Bengali delicacies, so we are offering our patrons the best of Bengali cuisine."
"The menu keeps changing each day so that we can offer a lot more options", Executive Chef Debdutta Banerjee added.

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