Creamy Luscious Mocha Tahini Milkshake
Creamy Luscious Mocha Tahini Milkshake

 Scrumptiously Luscious is this Mocha Tahini Milkshake. As a milkshake, this is thick is thick and creamy, but not as thick and creamy, but not as thick and caloric as the infamous tahini shakes known to Philadelphians.

Think of this Tahini Mocha Milkshake as a template for a flavoured coffe drink, as there are three different ways to serve it to choose from.

It yeilds 1 serving 3/4 cup


2 Ounces espresso, decaf is absolutely fine

2 tablespoon Dutch process cocoa

2 tablespoon tahini ( 1 use soom)

2 tablespoon plant milk, ( almond, cashew, macadamia, or soy)

2 tablespoons pure maple syrup or agave nectar ( start with less and you decide)

2 ice cubes


1. Whisk the still warm espresso, with the cocoa powder and tahini in a glass until you've got a smooth paste.

2. Mix in the maple or agave. and add the plant milk.

now you have a choice

1.whisk all the ingredients together in a glass, add the ice cubes, and drink enjoy

2. pour the ingredients into a blender with the ice cubes, pour into a glass and enjoy

3. Or, blend it with the ice cubes, per number 2, then pour into a glass and refrigerate for an hour or until it's really cold. you will be rewarded with a thick and creamy milkshake.


Vitamin A -1%


Vitamin D -12%

Cobalamin- 8%

Vitamin C -0%


Vitamin B-6-0%


Calories 223

Total fat-3gm

saturated fat- 1.9g

polysaturated fat-0.1g

monosaturated fat-0.9g


Sodium- 95mg


Total carbohydrate- 18g

Dietary fibre=0g

sugar- 18g

Protein- 3.9 gm

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