How Negativity Affects Your Life

How Negativity Affects Your Life

Thinking is very individualistic by nature and it has a very powerful effect on each and every one of us As people have different sets of...

Thinking is very individualistic by nature and it has a very powerful effect on each and every one of us. As people have different sets of personalities their thinking process highlights the nature of their personality. However, some aspects of the personality are unchangeable and some aspects can be modified over a period of time, depending on the demand of the social environment of person functions in. Thought processes govern our functions and skills are indicators of our effectiveness in various areas of life, including the personal and professional sphere.

Thoughts can naturally be positive or negative and at the same time, they can also be modified according to the emotional response that an individual decides to convey in a particular situation. Negative emotions are a response to an undesirable situation or an unwanted ending to an event. Negative thoughts also emerge out of our inability to have control over the outcome.

Additionally, negativity can be generalised for various circumstances and it turns into a dangerous pattern which gets standardised over a period of time and knowingly or unknowingly, we tend to search for negativities, which may create an unbreakable chain that reduces our productivity.

Negativity Affects The Thought Processes

Negative and irrational thoughts can easily become the prime focus as people are extremely anxious about the outcome of things. Assumptions, anticipations and a judgement attitude lead to lowering of effective work life. Negativity may also lead up mental fatigue further leading to a lacklustre performance at work or in relationships.

Though negative thoughts can emerge out of nowhere and from anywhere an individual's dismal outlook towards people and situation, shortcomings in relationships, unwillingness towards collaborative work, traumas and difficulty in overcoming obstacles are just a few ways through which negative emotions arise.

Negative and it’s impact on productivity

Negative thinking incorporates a lot of ego defence mechanisms, wherein a person moves back in psychological time when faced with stress. Incorporating defences van give temporary relief but has long-term paralysing effects on one's productivity.

The energy focussed is on avoiding rather than focussing on and implementing. Negativity can affect your productivity to devastating extents and can eventually converge into a psychological imbalance. Corrective measures with respect to conflict resolution and parallel thought processing is much needed to replace and break the negative thinking patterns.

The human mind possesses ultimate powers to mould cognitive inputs to its benefit. Therefore, it would be an ultimate ode to the brilliance of human beings to use power thoughts in the most productive and mindful manner.

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