Has DSC notification disappointed the youth?

Has DSC notification disappointed the youth?

YSRCP president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy accused the State government of putting thousands of DSC aspirants through ordeal by slashing the posts to one...

YSRCP president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy accused the State government of putting thousands of DSC aspirants through ordeal by slashing the posts to one third of actual vacancies of 22,000.

Left parties and other organisations too have been protesting the decision.

When The Hans India spoke to people on the issue, almost all of them have expressed displeasure at the cutting down on the posts at a time the youth in the State are in desperate search of jobs and have been waiting for the notification for a long time.

The State govern-ment is trying its best to provide employ-ment to unemployed youth in the State through DSC. However, in the present financial scenario it is filling 7,000 posts. The 22,000 posts as mentioned by Opposition leader Y S Jaganmohan Reddy is not correct in my opinion. However, if the number of posts is increased to 12,000 posts, it would further help the unemployed youth. - Borra Pradeep, ZPHS teacher, Vijayawada

It is definitely an ordeal. Thousands of DSC aspirants are in anticipation of good number of posts to fulfil their aspirations for the last few years. Now with slashing of the posts to one third from 22,000 to 7.000 their interests are definitely jeopardised. Chandrababu Naidu should rethink on the issue and do justice to the DSC aspirants.
- P Jyoti Ratnavalli, private teacher, Draksharama, East Godavari

Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu is announcing recruitment and other sops to public and employees only to get votes. DSC recruitment is also a part of it and reduction of 15,000 posts makes the recruitment an eyewash to satisfy aspirants. This notification was also issued only ahead of elections to pacify reduce opposition against the government. I agree with YS Jaganmohan Reddy’s criticism of it.
- R Tarun, DSC aspirant, Hiramandal

The government has poured cold water on the dreams of several eligible candidates for DSC. From Chittoor district, only two secondary grade teacher posts were notified and they too were meant for visually handicapped. There were number of candidates looking for an opportunity for the last three to four years and the notification was a slap on their face.
- A Lakshmi, PG Student, Tirupati

Yes, the recent DSC announcement is a big disappointment. Several students and job aspirants joined private institutes to take coaching for these DSC teacher jobs. Against their expectations, the govern-ment has brought down the number of posts.
- Jammi Ravi Kumar, job aspirant, Visakhapatnam

No, it is nothing but delaying tactics. In fact under the rationali-sation scheme, the TDP which is led by Chandrababu Naidu is now stating that teach-ers are in excess in the State.
- J Rama Rao, Hero showroom employee, Visakhapatnam

The government should conduct Mega DSC and fill all the vacancies. The government has shown 22,000 teacher posts to the Supreme Court and announced that they will fill up 13,000 posts. The government issued notifi-cation to fill 7,000 vacancies. It has also increased the syllabus and upper age limit. As a result 1.3 lakh SC, ST, BC candidates applied for the posts. It will take more time for those who completed 42 years of age to understand new DSC syllabus. But the government provided only a month’s time for DSC. Thes time not sufficient for preparation.
- Vemuri Jaipal, candidate appearing for DSC-2018, Guntur

In my opinion what Jaganmohan Reddy says is correct, there are more than 22,000 DSC posts, however time and again the govern-ment is decreasing the number of posts due to various reasons like financial approval not cleared and other reasons. It finally annou-nced 7,000 posts which is noting but doing injustice to DSC aspirants. - S Gaibu Vali, secretary, Hindi Seva Sadhan, Vijayawada

Slashing DSC posts to one third will certainly demoralise the aspirants. As the number of vacancies are more in the 13 districts in AP, the CM should not slash the number and reconsider the decision and restore them to the actual number as the aspirants have been waiting patiently for them for the last last four years.
- R Bhimesh, ENT specialist, Kakinada

Chandrababu Naidu is against the government recruitment and government employees. But this time he relaxed his strict policy for votes and is announcing recruitment only before elections. DSC recruitment is to pacify the unemployed youth, but not aimed at recruiting all vacancies. With the cutting back on the actual vacancies result in loss of opportunities to many an aspirant.
- S Rajasekhar, teacher, Srikakulam

The government’s decision to slash the number of vacancies in DSC has disappointed us a lot. In fact, we were waiting for this notification for a long time and totally engaged in preparation. We never imagined that government will do like this and with lot of hopes we voted TDP government to power in 2014 and repenting now.
- P Guru Swamy, DSC aspirant, Tirupati

Not only DSC but any other job notification was being issued with a minimum number of posts. The govern-ment was not prepared to fill all the vacancies but to claim that they have issued notifications and filled up posts, the number of posts were being slashed heavily. The present DSC notification has disappointed the job seekers in CM’s native district.
- K Madhu, PG Student, Tirupati

The government should fill the all teacher vacancies accumul-ated so far. The Chief Minister has assured that he would conduct the recruitment every year but he has failed to stick to his words. So, all the vacancies (around 22,000) should be filled to maintain standards in school education.
- S Simhachalam, State president, SC, ST Teachers Union

The district officials are not sending the list of actual vacancies of teachers to the Education Department for filling the posts because if rationalisation is conducted, some schools will be closed. As a result, the excess teachers will be shifted to other schools. Due to financial crisis, the government is not filling the all the vacant teacher posts. Though the government announced to fill 22,000 teacher posts, it is not filling all the posts. There is a need to fill all the vacant teacher posts.
- Kollikonda Venkata Subramanyam, Nirudyoga Ikya Vedika leader, Guntur

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