The election episode claimed to have been concluded peacefully by the EC or Govt. is all far from truth, a farce and obviously a mockery of  the voting, as thousands of voters had their votes either  deleted or already cast by the ruling party supporters which otherwise is called rigging....This poll is thrust upon the people by the TRS boss though there is no immediate pressing need for an urgent election which hasn't fallen due till mid 2019... 

Out of his thirst to prove his pro-incumbency and to keep his 'formula of hatred' in vogue, KCR has resorted for a premature, unwanted poll forcibly jolting on the people living in TS. Even those TS protagonists do not appear to have bothered this time for an early poll....as their only dream of a separate state with all development in Hyderabad was accomplished with the TS formation, with readymade and built-in advancement in the capital not having to struggle for income, employment opportunities.

Unlike in AP, the opposition parties in TS  are not as ill-bred and uncouth as YCP boss Jagan whose only aim or cupidity  is CM's Throne in AP and protection for his assets in TS....Had there been a Jagan like villain in TS assembly, the sailing of the TRS party in the Assembly wouldn't have been as smooth as now and either of the parties would have, by now, withered on the Vine..... having to encounter with 'n' number of problems between each other... - K Sai Prasanna, 

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