Well since the courts have put an end to the deliberations of any sort on the Rafale deal, no point in delving deeper into the deal; but even a layman can see for sure that things are not as honky dory as the court puts it out to be; the court has taken the onus on itself by exonerating the government of any defects in the agreement; I am not saying Modi and his team have done anything wrong, but the court has jumped the gun, without due verification of aspects like LoC, absence of Government Guarantee by France, weaknesses of Reliance company, IOP, Transfer of Technology to India, Maintenance to be looked after by France , etc; well, let us wait and watch.

M Munir, Mumbai 

It’s really gratifying to note the verdict of the Supreme Court . A great sigh of relief to the entire nation and more so to our PM who was targeted  over the last few months by Rahul Gandhi and cong to defame him and to over throw him right from the first day he took  the PM s office . the verdict should  open the eyes of  Congress and  Rahul Gandhi . He must respect verdict and   apologise to the entire nation. The power-starved Cong men behind him were constantly persuading and looking for every opportunity to annihilate   the nation and PM . The inner circle of Cong has thoroughly brainwashed Rahul Gandhi to go to any length on the issue  fighter aircraft  deal, but all the trails were proved  baseless and  malicious. 

V Vijayakumar, Hanamkonda

The editorial has rightly said that opposition could oppose government and the party in place over anything but should not meddle in the national interest issues like defence deals which are related to international marketing with quality certified by the experts of the country ( The Hans India,15/12). In spite of SC saying that it had studied extensively the issue and satisfied  that there is no occasion to doubt the process, the Congress President is at top of his voice saying that JPC is a must which shows he has no faith in judiciary. 

Moreover, it is not a judgement of single judge but three- judge bench led by CJ which had gone deep into the subject which Rahul Gandhi has no knowledge. The demand for JPC by Rahul Gandhi is just political with an eye on next years parliament elections. It is most regrettable that by meddling in defence deals ,Congress party is doing worst damage to the country as it might affect other defence procurements which Congress chief is blind to it. 

One can fight politically but not compromising with the security of the country at any cost and Congress party erred in this issue which is bad development in the intolerant politics of the leaders. Let us hope some good sense will prevail over Congress party its leaders and some social activists who are crying over Rafale deal.

Jayaprakash Reddy,  Nalgonda

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