TDP, Congress need to work together

TDP, Congress need to work together

In My Opinion column Social engineering, the new buzzword in Andhra politics by Ramu Sarma 22 December made interesting reading No one should be...

In My Opinion column "Social engineering, the new buzzword in Andhra politics" by Ramu Sarma (22 December) made interesting reading. No one should be surprised that in AP for that matter even TS, BJP has no place to fight either Congress or other regional parties.

BJP used to piggy-back either on TDP or TRS without any solid ground of their own. There was time BJP even joined another kind of Kutami which had even left parties to defeat Congress when it was united. The problem with BJP in Telugu speaking state and rest of south India excepting Karnataka, where they have been attempting to use communal agenda to defeat Congress as well JDS.

However, in order to bring a credible social engineering at least in AP, TDP and Congress will have to bury their past differences to build a new AP as in Telangana, there seems to be something badly went wrong where they were unable to bring down KCR who has built up the TRS using the base of Congress and TDP. I was rather wondering whether TDP joined hands with Congress to defeat TRS or it wanted to defeat Congress.

The fact of the matter is TDP itself grew as many from Congress joined them when late PM Indira Gandhi was being carried away by feedback from local leaders and in the process CMs got rotated like revolving chair. It may sound bizarre, apart from social engineering, why don't TDP consider merging with Congress rather than allowing YSRC to do so if not now, later on. As for as Congress, it should no longer follow the old "high command" culture and this is the only way it can keep away Modi led BJP who will make every attempt to spread communal culture in Telugu speaking states.

- N Nagarajan, Hyderabad

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