To hell with the public

To hell with the public

Perhaps nowhere in the world are politicians mudslinging as in India today. Elections or no elections, such below-the-belt remarks not only discredit the politicians, but also undermine the constitutional posts that they occupy.

Unbecoming of their respective statures, both PM Modi and CM Chandrababu Naidu stooped so low by bringing  the attack to a personal level. While Modi called Naidu "father of Lokesh",Naidu spoke about the estrangement of Modi’s wife Jashoda Ben.

By throwing restraint and decorum to the winds, these leaders are demonstrating that they can stoop to any level just to run down their rivals in the hot pursuit of power. It looks issues that concern the people are  getting overshadowed in the political slugfest.

J S Acharya, Hyderabad

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