Votes are not for sale

Votes are not for sale

The poll promises, the freebies offered by both the ruling party as well as the opposition is a mockery of our electoral system Our politicians are of ...

The poll promises, the freebies offered by both the ruling party as well as the opposition is a mockery of our electoral system. Our politicians are of the sense that, offering freebies and indulging in caste-based vote bank politics can bring them to power. Responsible citizens must reject these politicians through their vote power and teach these parties a much- needed lesson that "People's vote shouldn't be bought", after all in a Democracy our votes are not for sale.

- Gajjarapu Sri Harsha, Mandapeta

Beware of promise-breakers

“Once bitten twice shy",is the proverb, the Telugu people of AP, have to keep in mind, in this season of promises. In the year 2014, BJP- TDP, combine promised SCS to AP, the residuary state, post-bifurcation. Not only SCS, they promised Railway zone, Steel factory, Polavaram project, Amaravati ,etc. But, see at the end of five years, how they have betrayed the trust of the people of AP. As we are all aware,Soon after forming government, these great parties were afflicted with political dementia, and conveniently forgotten the lofty promises made.

Whatever little progress made, is made in coastal districts of AP, minus the four districts of Rayalaseema. Thus, consciously the governments have given scope for same old developmental imbalance in these regions of AP. Now, miraculously, these parties have regained their memory at the fag end of their term and coming to the people in new "avatar," with folded hands and new promises, which is unforgivable.The people of AP , must be vigilant and beware of these blatant promise breakers in this election season.

- Sharada Beri, Kurnool

Voters should be practical

This is with reference to your editorial "Politicos hoodwink voters with hollow promises". Offering freebies during election time to all the sections of the people has become a regular practice by all political leaders irrespective of parties. You are right in saying that while promising, the leaders never bother to study the long and short- term financial implications of the promises and hardly any one seems to be aware of where the rupee comes from and where it goes.

Nobody is against uplifting the backward communities, but the leaders should have a vision and make financial calculations, otherwise the state and the people will be so deep in debt trap and it may not be possible to come out of it in future. The long-term impact of it would have a drag on the economy. Along with these freebies there is always the process of money for vote which has been increasing year by year. This is the right time the voters think practically and not lured by impracticable promises made by the leaders and use their right to franchise judiciously.

- TSN Rao, Bhimavaram

Jagan’s proposals seem workable

Announcing boons to various sections in the society by political parties in view of elections is common. But it is somewhat different in the announcement of YSRCP President and opposition leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy at its BC's Garjana in Eluru on Sunday as sops announced to BC's is based on a committee report which was constituted by the party. The Committee which was headed by Janga Krishna Murthy toured the entire state and consulted 169 BC organisations to formulate various schemes for the improvement of BC's in the AP.

Forming corporations for BC's and others is not new but separate corporations for each BC sub-caste (139 BCs in the State) is a bold step in that direction that what Mr Reddy promised on Sunday. One more measure that bringing BC's Commission under legislation is definitely assured the community.But assurance of Residential School for Nomadic castes is also worthwhile as it provides continuous education to the children of those communities.

Giving 50% quota to SCs,STs,BCs and minorities in all political posts and in the recruitment of outsourcing and contract jobs is also a big push for the development of downtrodden.

- Pratapa Reddy Yaramala, Tiruvuru

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