Preity Zinta Vs Ness Wadia: Full FIR copy

Preity Zinta Vs Ness Wadia: Full FIR copy

Preity Zinta Vs Ness Wadia: Full FIR Copy. Preity Zinta has filed a police complaint against ex-boyfriend Ness Wadia and has accused him of molesting, abusing and threatening her during one of the matches at Wankhede Stadium. A written complaint was filed followed by an FIR registered against Wadia.

Mumbai: Preity Zinta has filed a police complaint against ex-boyfriend Ness Wadia and has accused him of molesting, abusing and threatening her during one of the matches at Wankhede Stadium. A written complaint was filed followed by an FIR registered against Wadia.

In the FIR Preity Zinta states:

I know Mr. Ness Wadia for the last 10 years and had a relationship with him, but for some time, we have ended our relationship. Although we are co-owners of our team, Kings 11 Punjab, but we are no longer in a relationship and only talk for professional reasons and work.

For some time now, we are not even talking to each other. In between, once or twice we had some heated arguments regarding and during that time he tried to abuse me, and used extremely derogatory language and tried to behave in a manner where I was put to shame in front of my colleagues, friends and family. I orally warned him during that time and told him that I was not comfortable with such behaviour. However a couple of time in the past inspite of my complaint he persisted with his behaviour and finally I wrote I personally mail and warned him not to behave in a manner which is harm and degrade my character and put me to shame.

I say that previously also, during the event of the auctioning of cricket players of the IPL, which was held in Bangalore, he insisted that he sits besides him at the auction table to which I replied that I will be sitting besides the coach to which he got very rude and angry, used derogatory language and fought with me in public at the dinner. The next day, his bad behaviour continued during the auction and he screamed at me publicly by saying that, “ Who the hell do you think you are? I am the Wadia group and you are nobody” and also insulted me by saying other things like ‘F*****g B***h, Wh***e etc’, which really shocked me as I never expected him to behave at an event lie that. He continued his bad behaviour which I resisted but finally the chief executive officer of the IPL intervened and told us to remain quiet. Mr. Ness Wadia during the break, continued his bad behaviour and was abusing and screaming at me, which I sternly opposed and told him that if he continues with this behaviour, I will report the same to the police which calm him down and he became normal.

I say that on 30th May 2014 at Wankhede stadium where our team, King 11 Punjab was playing a match at 8.30 pm, I saw Mr. Ness Wadia shouting and yelling at me team staff. I intervened to settle things down and tried to calm him down and enjoy the match as my team was playing well. But for no reasons, he started abusing and screaming at me, grabbed my arms and tried to pull me by his hands. As my team was playing well, I never wanted to create a scene in front of everyone, I left for my seat but he came up to me at my seat and started screaming and abusing at me in front of everyone. This didn’t end there as he started abusing me on the ground and speaking insulthing things about me in front of everyone and used foul langueage by saying, ‘ You f****ng bitch, you have shown your class, ***k you’ which was demeaning to my reputation and character. Since this happened in front of everyone, in public it has really disturbed me and caused immense damaged to my reputation and character. Mr. Ness Wadia’s aforesaid behaviour on numerous occasions has embarrassed me and made me feel ashamed especially in public.

I say that Mr. Ness Wadia has gone to the extent of threatening me with direct consequences and intimidating me by boasting of his political clout and connections. During the match on 30th May, 2014, at Wankede Stadium in the evening, Mr Ness Wadia has intimidated me by saying he could me disappear as I was nobody and only and actress and he’s a powerful person. I say that I have tried to be very normal and nice to him as I wanted peace in my life but the recent afore-stated incident in Mumbai at the Wankhede Stadium has left me shattered and fear for my life. I immediately lodged a verbal complaint with the BCCI officials however I maintained my calm as my team had qualified for finals and I did not want to disturb the moral of my team.

I say that the constant incidents of Mr. Ness Wadia abusing me and putting me to shame by talking ill about my character in public and at work and physically harming me at public places, intimidating me has caused a lot of mental and physical distress to m e, and made me feel unsafe and ashamed as a woman.

I therefore request you to look in the matter at the earliest and as per law registed an F.I.R u/s354, 506 and 509 of the Indian Penal Code against Mr. Ness Wadia for physically and mentally torturing me, criminally intimidating me and insulting me in public by speaking ill against my character.

Meanwhile, Mumbai police on Saturday launched a probe into alleged molestation of Bolly-wood actor Preity Zinta by her former boyfriend Ness Wadia. The industrialist rejected the charges. Police sources said a probe team headed by an inspector has begun examining CCTV footage of the incident after the actor filed a complaint.

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