The popular speech of Modiji in Parliament on February 7th 2018 referring to certain facts that initially got applauds in both visual and print media but everything got evaporated when P. Chidambaram, former finance minister gave rebuttals alphabet by alphabet in Rajay Sabha.  Three key issues P Chidambaram has risen which were MSP to farmers, Job crisis and health protection scheme of 5 lakh to 10 crore poor families.   

Since all the points raised by P Chidambaram are already known to people, the job of P Chidambaram became quite easy to reach his rebuttals to people.  But on the contrary, although the speech of Modiji was very powerful and but he has created least impact because people find nothing new in his speech.  

Keep attacking congress, taking some leaves from down the history on partition between Indian and Pakistan, evolution of J&K problem etc., are quite old, rotten and pungent political rhetoric. The real problems like how the great balloon of demonetization that was claimed to transform the economy of India, bring down black money and corruption, increase the tax payer base, increase the revenue of government etc.,

Blown into pieces, the declining GDP how has ironically created more jobs, how the middle income group was jilted for their unconditional support to Modiji, how the individual savings climbs-down significantly, where is ache din, sab ka sath sab ka vikas, why nearly several lakhs job vacancies in various departments in central government are not yet filled as a part of job creation etc., are to be addressed by the government on war footing than keep reciting the same old sloka.  

Although no one rates the performance of congress as great but the ratings of Modiji has started to dwindle and if Modiji ever believes the same old hologram and rhetoric would get him thumbing majority, the election result can prove the repeat of the recently held Rajasthan by-poll result.  

People of India had totally and completely rented their ears to Modiji since 2014 till last budget thinking whatever Modiji has said would happen but Modiji was found to have more to say to people than to show or prove anything worthwhile to people.  

When specific questions are asked, immediately he pulls out the dynasty card, cleverly present the performance card of congress.  But people are not interested in knowing about congress from Modiji than why he failed to fulfill the great promises that he made during 2014.  

How Modiji is re-writing his own history by introducing health insurance scheme instead of health assurance he talked about with great fervor and enthusiasm.  What happens to the 1 lakh rupee insurance programme.  

Today the rebuttal of P Chidambaram has won over the rhetoric of Modiji and certainly it would have stunned the BJP.  May be in new territories like Orisa and some states in North East may believe the promises of Modiji but most of the states ruled by the party are not going to buy anymore dreams of Modiji.    

The point is not about the comparison of Modiji versus congress.  The corruption free governance of Modiji is not going to thrill people because every elected government must govern the state free of scams and corruption.  So hyping the corruption free governance of Modiji over congress is like he is diminishing his stature and greatness that he has projected, promoted and promised to the Indian electorates.   

If we take the bridge course proposal for AYUSH vaidyas to gift them with the dual expertise both in AYUSH and modern medicine and describing it as kind gesture to poor people in rural India as an indicator of great reform, people can easily judge what Modiji means by ‘perform, reform and transform.  

AYUSH vaidyas got graduated as AYUSH vaidya to perform as AYUSH vaidya, but some got reformed to cross pathy due to the obvious truth that they cannot treat any disease with science less AYUSH products, and now Modiji wants to transform them as MBBS doctor and thus they will have expertise in both AYUSH as well as modern medicine.  

Therefore AYUSH vaidyas after bridge course become ‘doctor with extra wisdom in medical science and extra-constitutional powers.  It is all because of our ancient tradition, Hinduism and certainly cow urine.  

The social media that promoted the greatness of Modiji is daunting Modiji due to his empty report card.    We need ache din and vikas not on speech but in our life, in our individual life.