FEEL: Manage emotions

FEEL: Manage emotions

Managing one's emotions and ensuring that one's responses are balanced is vital in today's organizations' context. Today more and more companies are...

Managing one's emotions and ensuring that one's responses are balanced is vital in today's organizations' context. Today more and more companies are focused on the emotional quotient of a prospective employee. A Most books and articles talk about how this emotional intelligence has become so important and why it plays such a pivotal role and how one has to balance emotions for decision-making today.

1. F � Fun: Organizations today continuously work on achieving one of their two major goals � performance productivity and employee engagement! In fact, most organizations are starting to realize that employees who are having fun while working are happier and more connected to the organization and contribute essentially to achieve the organizational goals.From Employee Perception Surveys (ESP) to constant feedback processes, many organizations continuously strive to arrange activities and projects to make the employees happy. Thus it is imperative for the employees to feel good about what they are doing and to have a fun time whilst working.

2. E � Express: Whatever be the role of an individual in an organization, the freedom to communicate what they think and feel is a vital ingredient of how they feel in the organization. Communication is best judged by the ease with which one can speak and the effect it has on others � the impact it generates and the results it achieves.

Failure to communicate effectively can create stress, conflict, strained relationships, misunderstandings and problems between any two or more individuals, at home, or at work. On the other hand, effective and successful communication can result in understanding, successful business agreement, and harmonious family life, solutions to problems, increased productivity and team work.

Communication is the life blood of any meaningful relationship, personal as well as professional. Every individual in an organization must be empowered with the freedom to speak their ideas, thoughts and opinions

3. E � Energy Boosters: Most times, the danger with energy drain is not the exhaustion itself but the possibility of not identifying it until it suddenly looms down upon you. With the aching muscle and the mental tiredness, one experiences an increasing lack of ability to get up and get going.

In times of low energy, it also becomes difficult to concentrate on tasks and slowly, eventually patience grows short and level of frustration increases even when confronting seemingly simple challenges and tasks. While working, energy zappers are always constantly around us, some obvious and some hidden.

The good news is that there is a way to overcome and work around almost all of them. How does one do that? One uses 'energy boosters'. According to various psychologists, one of the biggest energy zappers is stress. Stress stems from anxiety, and anxiety, just like worry and fear, uses up a whole lot of energy! Stress can leave one mentally and physically exhausted even if you've spent the day doing nothing and simply lying in bed. Energy boosters help alleviate stress. Energy boosters can be defined as those which help an individual renew energy to take on new tasks. They can be as simple as one's family and friends or can be a complex as a challenging task that stimulates the brain cells.

According to psychologist Baard, anything that is relaxing for you will reduce tension and that will help increase energy. For example, a walk around the block or a power nap can both be energy boosters.

4. L � Learn: Learning has been an important ingredient of anyone's life with one's ability to learn growing every year right from one's childhood. In fact, education, it is said, may stop at some time but learning is always known to be a continuous process in one's life! Yet it is researched and said that as one progresses in age and in life, one tends to learn less and less even though the ability stays high all through one's middle adult life.

There are thus so many activities available in today's world to enable learning for individuals. Books are full of the new-found techniques as well as traits and characteristics required for one to learn better and better every day. One needs to constantly learn every day to keep staying consistently positive towards one's approach at work.

Thus, being emotionally intelligent and being able to feel all emotions helps an individual to identify the feelings based on verbal and non-verbal cues, process the same and use them effectively to make appropriate decisions in life.

So, feel positive emotions... You have the power!

Revathi Turaga is an International Trainer & Inspirational Speaker.

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