9zeros Magazine – Sui Generis

9zeros Magazine – Sui Generis

Harrods is a corner shop, the Queen is a Nan in social housing, Bill Gates is a retired software engineer and 9zeros Magazine is a charity free sheet.


Harrods is a corner shop, the Queen is a Nan in social housing, Bill Gates is a retired software engineer and 9zeros Magazine is a charity free sheet.

9zeros Magazine is unique, exclusive, and individually crafted for a global billionaire readership. It is translated into 35 languages, read throughout 69 countries and is filled with ‘for your eyes only’ individual content tailored to the specific areas of influence and interest of each billionaire reader. 9zeros Magazine is published seasonally by and printed in London by Premier Print Group (Economist Intelligence Unit, Reuters, Chartwell Journal).
9zeros Magazine is designed to appeal to the senses and be a truly experiential read. It is a spectacular of hard copy reader engagement. The visual feast of its 8 page, die cut, reverse embossed, platinum blocked, matt laminate cover is merely an aperitif to the opulent feel of the heavy weight internal print stock. The sound of the perfect binding springing the pages together and the warming smell of the new inks invites the reader into a wonderland of billionaire-centric content. But total sensory captivation is only the beginning of this amazing publication’s campaign to enrapture the heart and mind of its reader.
9zeros Magazine provides an immersive read with unparalleled content, specific and relevant through the highest level of knowledge and understanding of the individual reader. It connects with the reader through their specific passions and interests and through this channel, 9zeros Magazine encourages and engages these powerful individuals as enablers and facilitators of change. In every article 9zeros Magazine strives to educate in unique and diverse aspects of life and opinion. Billionaires are thinkers and doers and 9zeros Magazine wants to nourish their need for contemplative material and fuel for action.
Every copy of 9zeros Magazine is totally unique to its reader. Firstly the entire magazine is translated through the Chartered Institute of Linguistics’ international network into the reader’s preferred language. The articles are edited to suit the reader’s age, gender, cultural background and personal interests. For example it is unlikely that the 24 year old female Hong Kong billionaire ($1.38b) Perenna Kei will find the same winter fashion article relevant as 101 year old male US billionaire ($4.38b) Walter Haefner. The content itself is a far cry from the standard celebration of luxury offered by other ultra high net worth targeted publications. The majority of the magazine is dedicated to demographic specific interest articles, philanthropy and investigative journalism pieces. Billionaires are amazingly unique and diverse individuals with extraordinary lives, Jorge Paolo Lemann (Brazil $22.6b) played at Wimbledon, Vincent Bollore (France $8.5b) has a huge comic collection, Ingvar Kamprad (Sweden (resides Switzerland $4.1b) only travels economy and 9zeros Magazine celebrates every aspect of their lives with them. Each copy of the magazine comes with a direct communication from the publisher and a dedicated hotline to a 5-star international concierge service.
‘’9zeros Magazine is as bespoke as a Savile Row Suit and knows each reader as well as their closest friend,’’ says Michael Galloway, project architect from “We don’t just measure our customers’ body and gate; we apply thousands of research hours to every facet of their lives to produce a dedicated publication to each that truly and genuinely connects with their psyche.”
9zeros Magazine specific contributor remit dictates that they only accept contributions from leading experts, political power players and philanthropic ambassadors for their general interest articles. For exposé pieces they promote the international localised journalism of organisations like (New York Times, Huffington Post, CNN Money). Grass roots, authentic investigative work by truly embedded conscientious 5th columnists that genuinely understand how local nuances translate onto the world stage. Michael Galloway, “Our audience has sufficient power and enough contacts to gain access to almost any person and any place in the world. To retain their interest and respect it is our job to deliver the people, places, situations and the associated stories they either struggle to gain access to or are so unaware of that we totally surprise them.”
9zeros Magazine is the most exclusive, most individually tailored and luxurious magazine in the world. 9zeros Magazine is distributed on a complimentary basis to billionaires. A small contributory charge is levied to the limited subscriber base. Although 9zeros is editorially biased, the costs of the publication are carried by its unparalleled advertiser proposition. 9zeros Magazine does not print advertising copy; it delivers pin point accuracy brand engagement to a readership with an estimated combined net worth of $6.4 trillion. Each advert is bespoke to the reader providing unlimited opportunities for individual calls to action and creative interaction.
9zeros Magazine is a not for profit publication. Its giving policy supports fair yield legacy investments around the world for the benefit of local education and proactive human rights organisations. The investments and subsequent donations are audited and made accountable through the IAPA network of consultants in each country.
The first issue of 9zeros Magazine will be distributed on the 17th November 2014. Limited subscription applications are being accepted via

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