Kids to spend more time with parents via fb

Kids to spend more time with parents via fb

Kids To Spend More Time With Parents Via Fb

Sydney: Kids love spending time with their mother and father more than their best friend on social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram, an Australian study has revealed.

An analysis of the habits of up to 200 teenagers, aged between 12 and 18, found that when typical after-school activities were ranked, Facebook ranked ninth, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Other activities undertaken with greater frequency than accessing digital technologies were spending time with family, homework, watching TV, doing odd jobs, hobbies, sport, friendship and reading.
The research was commissioned by the Australian Computer Society Community Engagement Board and undertaken by the University of Canberra's education institute.

Lead author Karen Macpherson said that the findings exposed a common assumption that the average teenager was stuck to their laptop and cut-off from personal communication with family and friends.

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