kids unaware of warning labels on cigarettes

kids unaware of warning labels on cigarettes

kids Unaware Of Warning Labels On Cigarettes

Washington: Researchers have found that the majority of children are unaware about the existence of the warning labels on cigarette packet.
Children in countries where larger warning labels are used, and which include a compelling graphic image of the negative health impacts of smoking, were more likely to be aware of and understand the health risks of tobacco products.

kids Unaware Of Warning Labels OIn Cigarettes
The study, led by Dina Borzekowski, Ed.D, in the University of Maryland School of Public Health (UMD), and Joanna Cohen, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHU), showed that only 38 percent of children had any awareness of warning labels currently being featured on cigarette packages.
Even after showing warning labels to participating children, around two-thirds (62 percent) of the children were unable to explain what the health warnings were about.
Among the six countries studied, awareness and understanding of health warning labels was greatest among children in Brazil, where graphic warning labels, often featuring extremely gruesome pictures, have been featured since 2002 and cover 100 percent of either the front or back of the cigarette package.
This new study follows recent work by Borzekowski and Cohen published in the journal Pediatrics in October 2013.The earlier piece, drawn from the same sample of five and six year olds, provided evidence that young children recognize cigarette brands. More than two-thirds could identify cigarettebrand logos, with the highest percentages in the sample from China (86 percent could identify at least one brand).
In contrast to the higher awareness among children in Brazil, where tobacco warning labels and large and graphic, awareness and understanding of health warning labels was lowest among children from India and Nigeria. The Indian warning label shows an image of a symbolic scorpion and the Nigerian warning label uses only a vague text message ("The Federal Ministry of Health warns that smokers are liable to die young.")

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