Find the child within

Find the child within

Find The Child Within. When we see a child around, no matter how tensed we are, we tend to melt. We feel a sense of love towards the child and forget everything that may have occupied our mind.

When we see a child around, no matter how tensed we are, we tend to melt. We feel a sense of love towards the child and forget everything that may have occupied our mind. There is a desire to take the child in our arms and play. It is so attractive that it can shift our moods instantly and energise us. It is because every child has been gifted with unique qualities. It has qualities that make him shine like a star.

We were a child once and we were made to shine, but due to external conditioning we have lost touch with our powers. Today, it’s essential we recognise this power and get back the radiance we possess. Let us see the qualities that were gifted to us –

1. Quality of “Persistence”: Say “No” to a child and within no time he will come back again with the same request. I remember when I was a child I used to request my mother to let me play cricket, and I was so adamant, I mean persistent, that I kept requesting till I got a “Yes” from her. And I am sure you might also have stories to remember of how you persisted even when you were refused by someone. But today, if someone said a “No”, you begin to doubt yourself and think of giving up. Let your persistence shine when you are pursuing your goal, don’t give up.

2. Quality of “Forgiveness”: Did you ever see a child holding a grudge! Children are forgiving because they don’t live in the past. They are always smiling and giving their love to others. Child expresses love even after he has been scolded or yelled at. The child still loves his parents and people around. Even you have this quality of being forgiving but today I see that people have lost touch with their quality. People are carrying huge baggage of emotional and mental grudges. It’s time to free yourself and be forgiving.

3. Quality of “Suspending Judgment”: Child doesn’t judge you when you meet him. He will smile at you and would be eager to play. He loves forming social connections by suspending his judgments. Even if the man he is meeting is not a well-wisher, the child would trust him completely and form an amazing bond. A child can restore sanity in people around by his love and acceptance. But today, we are taught not to trust anyone, even our family members. With such conditioning now-days, people find it difficult to connect with people around. You may be having thousands of friends on your social network but rarely a few who you could label as true friends.

4. Quality of “Being Fearless”: Child doesn’t know “failure”. He only knows what he wants to do and he is all excited about that. He wants to become an astronaut, a teacher, a super hero, a fighter pilot, a miss universe etc. He is all excited about living his dreams, until his friends or parents begin to say, “It’s impossible”, “don’t think too high”, “become a doctor or an engineer, take up a safe job and die safely”. It is time for us to get rid of the conditioning that we have acquired since years. Fears have stopped us from living the life which was meant for us. It is time to realise the power within and run towards our fears instead of running away from them.

5. Quality of “Exploration”: No one on this planet is more curious than a three year old who is left alone in his room. His curiosity makes him grasp a lot in limited time. The child will enjoy sunrise, play in the rain, crawl on the grass and dance in the mud. Are we curious today! We have lost the sense of curiosity as we pass from one phase of life to other. Now everything looks so common that we have lost our passion. We are not excited about things that are happening around. It’s time to get excited about little things around and appreciate them.

I don’t wish to teach you anything, but remind you of the qualities that are lying dormant inside you. You were a child once and you had all these qualities, which you may find missing in today’s busy life. It’s time we reflect on who we are and discover the potential we have. It’s time to become like the child we were.

- Written by Nishit Lal, author & corporate trainer(

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