Controlling negative emotions for good health

Controlling negative emotions for good health

According to the ancient Chinese, there are seven human emotions - joy, anger, anxiety, melancholy, sorrow, fear and fright � each linked with an...

According to the ancient Chinese, there are seven human emotions - joy, anger, anxiety, melancholy, sorrow, fear and fright � each linked with an internal organ and which respond to the external environment. Any emotion in small doses do not cause any physical ailments but over enthusiasm and high emotional quotient over a prolonged periods directly affects the proper function of a person's internal organs.

The emotion of joy and fright is related to the heart which in turn is related to the element fire. The emotion of melancholy is related to the spleen and the earth element, while the emotion of anxiety and sorrow with the lungs and the element metal. Finally the emotion of fear is related to the kidneys and water, while the emotion of anger with the liver and the element of wood.

Hence, too much joy can affect the heart while prolonged anger can hurt the liver. Too much of a melancholy feeling can harm the spleen while too much anxiety or sorrow can hurt the lungs. Finally too much fear and nervousness can be detrimental to the kidneys.

The one human emotion can be curbed using another emotion based on the controlling cycle of the five elements. For example joy (five) can overcome anxiety/sorrow (metal), which in turn can over anger (wood). Anger (wood) can overcome melancholy (earth) which in turn can overcome fear (water). A So, if one is a hot tempered person, placing pink candles especially lotus shaped will bring happiness and good fortune into the home and in the person. It basically keeps the person calm and relaxed.

If a person has too many fears in him, then placing blue candles in the home mantle piece or on the centre table will bring new energies and make the person stronger and bolder.A If it is sorrow that grips one's heart, then white candles will take away the sorrow and grief from the person and will heal him tremendously. The use of lot of white colour in the surroundings will brighten up and cheer the person who is in grief. And of course a bit of pinks and reds will also the help person heal faster.

Placing of the water fountain in the northern part of the house also helps in removing any anger from the person. A fish tank also placed in the north or just behind the door is a sign of good omen. A For every person an awareness of negative emotions is very important so that he can try to negate them from his system and the house. This will help him immensely by bringing in positive energies.

(The writer is a Mumbai based Feng Shui exponent and Tarot Reader)

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