1 out of 3 couples committing financial infidelity

1 out of 3 couples committing financial infidelity

1 Out of 3 Couples Committing Financial Infidelity

New York: A new shocking study has revealed that 1-in-3 American couples are committing financial infidelity on each other.
According to the National Endowment for Financial Education study conducted by Harris Interactive, 76 % of couples admitted that financial cheating by a spouse has hurt their relationship, 10 % said it ultimately led to divorce, and 8 percent blamed it for a separation, the New York Post reported.
Financial adviser Jimmy Lee at Las Vegas-based Wealth Consulting Group said that several couples are getting divorced because of gambling or other addictions hidden by a spouse until it is too late to save the marriage.
According to previous records, the numbers have increased from 31% in late 2010 to 33 percent today.

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