Personal life - The X-factor in Indian family life

Personal life - The X-factor in Indian family life

Personal Life - The X-Factor in Indian Family Life. Marital life of the young generation is taking new course with relations ( only ) on social networks which can be dubbed as “virtual relations”.

Marital life of the young generation is taking new course with relations ( only ) on social networks which can be dubbed as “virtual relations”. In good olden days families used to have get together at a common place and used to spend time to exchange views across the dining table or in the drawing room. Today the FB and Twitter are becoming drawing rooms and epictures and emoticons are being shared. Forget about inviting each other to family lunches and dinners, (order of the day is sharing pictures of recipes with captions such as ‘our menu today’ .

My friend quipped the other day that he hardly find his son at home who working for an American Bank in night shifts and by the time his son reaches home its 9 am, it is the time for my friend to leave to his office. So near being in same house but very far to reach each other in a family.

This hectic life of people causing lot of mental and behaviour disorders and causing relations strained. Rapid change is taking place in India since the evolution of Internet and outsourcing business development , software jobs boom from 1990 onwards. People are often failing to manage the time among family life, job and social networks each of them occupying or overlapping into the other ‘s space and privacy.

Twenty years back my parents never thought even in their dreams that there will be phrase of “Private life” or “ personal life ” before or after marriage. There is no vacuum in family at that time with good relations and understandings. The gaps in family life are creating this vacuum called private life. Now every individual is living more than one life, One for himself , one for society and the other is for family , portraying different masks of personality . Its like lord Krishna in three avatars at a time. Yes! It’s the inside story of current generation. Life is becoming a game of hide and seek for this generation. Pressures are getting mounted in balancing the family with society which is never existed in the past. Sharing of time and sharing of talk, work definitely increases togetherness and eliminates the urge for private life.

Its pity that young couple who just commenced their marital life are even living in the shade of unsecured feeling and leading to quick misunderstandings which are not getting patched up that fast and lack of mutual confidence and trust which ultimately causing disturbances in leading a family life.

Craving for so called “ private life” or “ personal life” after marriage is showing that he/she is not in the frame of comfortable family life. Society, lifestyle, money, time, occupation and emotions arising out of them are playing their own part in rising this urge for ‘private life’. If every one in family lives a private life then the concept of family life is defeated which is the basis of our culture and strength of our Nation. Time has come to restore the family order of India because good family makes best society and a healthy society leads to a vibrant country.

By Raghubhushan Eranki

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