Festive Detoxify!

Festive Detoxify!

After all the food, fun and festivities, the sight of the delicious foods doesn-'t tempt us anymore. Although, yes, we-'d like more of that cake, but...

After all the food, fun and festivities, the sight of the delicious foods doesn't tempt us anymore. Although, yes, we'd like more of that cake, but just not now.

The heavy meals and drinks can easily make you feel bloated. Perhaps it is time for a festive detox.

A detox doesn't have to be scary, though. It just means it's time to care for yourself by flushing out the excess of toxins the body has had for the past couple of weeks.

Keep away temptations: All those goodies and treats need to be out of sight before you start detox. Either await you run out of snacks or give them away to as many as possible. It's easier to resist temptation if it isn't even there in the first place.

Map it out: Decide on the kind of detox you wish to do. Whether it be a juice fasting, or sticking to raw foods, more skin care and a relaxing bath - make sure to have "menu" so you know what you want, and are ready with the supplies required for it before you start.

Eating right: Flush out the rich, heavy food by opting for light meals.

Include: Fruits, vegetables, white meat and soups in meals. Green tea is full of antioxidants, but stick to one or two cups max per day. Probiotic yoghurt or boiled/poached egg is also good.

Avoid: Smoked food, dairy, processed foods.

Flush those drinks: A tall glass of warm lemon water in the morning can really help. This will also help the body recover from dehydration.

Move: Gentle stretches and breathing exercises each morning will help feel rejuvenated. A guided meditation CD can also bring some calmness to the body and mind. Moreover, exercise can also uplift the mood, thus chucking away the lethargy.

Cleanse, tone and moisturise: Makeup, stress and pollution from the party season can take a toll on skin, without one's realisation itself. Exfoliate the body with a dry brushing method, which removes dead cells and boosts blood circulation. Let your skin finally breathe.

Take a break: Rest and sleep are important. Save energy for the upcoming week and all the cleaning up at hand. Set aside some 'me' time, away from socialising.

Now before starting off on this, it's time to have a glass of water.

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