Fortuitous, Fortuna, Fortunate

Fortuitous, Fortuna, Fortunate

Everybody experiences a fortuitous encounter in their lifetimes.If we manage to use out time rightly, and correctly, it is not fortuitous.  Fortuitism...

“Fear of the future is worse than one’s personal fortune.” –Quintilian Fortuitous is an adjective meaning something happening by happy chance; having no cause, having no apparent cause, causeless, uncaused, and something happening by chance unlike by good fortune.

Everybody experiences a fortuitous encounter in their lifetimes.If we manage to use out time rightly, and correctly, it is not fortuitous. Fortuitism is a doctrine emphasizing that chance is involved in natural events, in natural occurrences and not by absolute determinism.Fortuitously is an adverb meaning ‘as luck would have it’ for something, by good fortune, fortunately, luckily.

Weathermen predicts the weather but a day of fortuitousness Fortuitousness is the quality of happening accidentally, a happening as result of lucky chance.

If you have to win a lottery, you have to buy it, and there is a greater possibility that you will not win it unless you are filled and blessed with fortuitousness.

Fortuity is something happening suddenly, anything happening without an apparent or not apparent cause.Life is also marred by fortuity: onset of a disease, accident, calamity…Life is also marked by fortuity: onset of fortune, fruitage of patience…
Fortuit is an obsolete alternative of fortuitous.

Can we pray to Fortuna for a fortuitous occurrence of fortune? Fortuna is the Roman goddess of fortune, and fate; goddess of luck.
The equivalent of Fortuna is Tyche in Greek who is the Greek goddess of fortune, like one of the Indian Hindu goddesses.
19 Fortuna is the name of an asteroid.

You have fortune, just look around yourself: how blessed you are with fortunes, unless you are somewhere else. Read this: “Fortune knocks at every man’s door but in a good many cases the man is in the neighboring saloon and does not hear.”

–Mark TwainFortune is a noun, and has many meanings: having good amount of wealth, a alrge amount of wealth, someone blessed with prosperity; an unknown and unpredictable event that favours someone in one or the other way; favourable outcome, and overall circumstances of something or a someone such as the destiny and luck.

Why are some people favoured with fortune? Few people are favoured by the circumstances because of their hard work, perseverance, perspiration coupled with luck or chance or fortune.

Fortune 500 are the list of top 500 companies published by the magazine Fortune 500, and they are believed to be of high-value in terms of revenue. Fulsome means something in excessive, cloying, disgusting by excess.Full some or full meals puts you to an immediate siesta! What happens if you are blessed with fulsome fortune?

–Kovuuri G Reddy

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