A still from ‘Piya Albela’
A still from ‘Piya Albela’

Sheen Dass and Akshay Mhatre are the lead pair in Rajshree Productions’ ‘Piya Albela’. The show is a modern take on the love saga of Vishwamitra and Menaka. The actors are leaving no stone unturned to portray the timeless characters on the celluloid. In a freewheeling chat, the pair talk about their show and the fun they have on the sets

How was it when you guys met for the first time on the set?
Sheen: We first met during my audition for ‘Piyaa Albela’, it was a mock shoot and it was easy to talk to him. He does not speak much and is an introvert like me but once he opens up, it is not that difficult either.
Akshay:  Amongst the 4-5 girls that were auditioning that day, she was the one I was most comfortable with. But the ice actually broke between us when we started rehearsing for Zee Rishtey Awards. Before that, we had not done a single scene together. So dancing together was a lot of fun and that was the real ice breaker for us.
Who is a better co-star amongst the two of you?
Sheen: I would say Akshay. He has done so many difficult scenes without any hesitation, it proves how good an actor he is.
Akshay: Well, then I should say Sheen is (laughs).
How many times have you burst out laughing while filming a scene?
Sheen: Oh! A lot of times. I have been scolded as well for this by the director. 
Akshay: The recent one that I remember is when Sheen had to slip over a puddle of water and scream but she did not know how to scream at all. She didn’t know how sir was expecting the scream to be, so she wasn’t able to scream at all. 
Sheen: I asked how it is to be done and he said I had to scream throughout the slipping and I told him I hadn’t slipped before so I didn’t know how to do it. They all laughed so much.
Akshay: Yeah, and Sooraj sir said, "If the next time we have a murder scene, should I get you to murder somebody first?" (Laughs).

Who takes more retakes?
Sheen: We try not to take a lot of retakes, but sometimes it just happens... And I think both of us try not to get too hassled about it but just keep trying sincerely.
Akshay: Sheen has shot a lot more than I have in the initial months, so yes, I would say both of us, since I haven’t shot as much as her. Recently that we have been shooting together, it is almost the same number of retakes.
One thing you like about each other and one thing you dislike.
Sheen: There are a lot of things that I like about Akshay. He is a very warm person, he respects everybody and in any scene, he doesn’t hold himself back. In the ice bar scene, I kept looking at him and he just climbed up and lay down on the ice bar. I thought to myself, is he crazy? Yes, he does inspire me with his dedication. What I dislike about him? I guess I haven’t known him long enough to be able to point out what I dislike about him.
Akshay: The one thing I really like about Sheen is that she is extremely hard working and she has a constant craving to learn and keep improving, which is extremely good for an actor. What I dislike about Sheen, I think, is the fact that she gets scared to speak up if someone tells her something she doesn't agree with, but I think that will change with time and I can already see the change happening.

Any interesting fan comment on your jodi, that caught your eye?
Sheen: I am glad that people like our show and for the first episode, I am told many have liked my acting skills and found me natural. So, I'm quite kicked!
Akshay: Recently I saw new hashtag #Aksheen (Akshay-Sheen). I was like ok, this is something new, and even I hadn’t thought of anything like that.
Who is the craziest among the two of you?
Sheen: Definitely Akshay. I am sane! It's just that he hasn’t met a lot of girls. The majority of them are like me!
Akshay: Definitely Sheen.

Where are you most likely to be found during breaks on the set?
Sheen: I guess roaming around on the sets and finding out what everyone else is doing.
Akshay- ‘On the set’... I do not wander away anywhere outside and do my own thing. 

Who is the jagga jasoos of the set?
Akshay: I guess it will be me. Not like a jasoos, but in general, I know more about what is going on because I am around most of the times. I am always two steps ahead because I am always aware of which shot is next or what do we have to do next.
Sheen: And then I am like “hmm…okay.”

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