Restart your career

Restart your career

She is well-educated, determined, financially independent, has a dynamic work life, but then the predictable happens. Her marriage, motherhood,...

She is well-educated, determined, financially independent, has a dynamic work life, but then the predictable happens. Her marriage, motherhood, husband’s transfer, family emergencies or probably some health issues force her to take an obligatory career break! Whether she likes it or not.

And, before she even realises, the break gets extended for the next three months, six months, one year and even a couple of years because of either unwanted circumstances or lack of opportunities and inflexible work options.

Women in India may have been sharing an equal space with men in terms of education and high positions in the workforce, but, they are the ones forced to renounce their professional life in any crisis situation. Studies show that 43 per cent of women quit their jobs after pregnancy and once they are ready to restart their career, it becomes a real challenge.

Fortunately, technology is here to make this transition of resuming work, a breeze. Don’t believe us? Going back to work after a long break can be tough considering the changes that might have occurred in the job environment during the period of absence.

As a result, women find it tough to regain the confidence in reconnecting with the industry and to find the right fit for their skill sets. Irrespective of such circumstances, women in metros as well as in tier 2 and tier 3 cities are eager to get back to work and blend in with the mainstream at the earliest. Fortunately, times are changing now making this possible!

There are many startups offering a better work-life balance to such ambitious women who also have personal commitments. They are focusing on mentoring, providing flexible work options and on-the-job learning to assist them in developing the essential proficiency for any role.

With the changing time, women are focusing a lot on 'work-freedom' arrangements. Although digital platforms in their burgeoning days were primarily leveraged to connect with employment providers, the new-age startups are bringing a new dimension to things all together.

The enhanced digital penetration is opening up a whole new opportunity for self-employment and freelancing for women possessing unique capabilities and skills, at the same time offering the much-needed flexibility. It helps them to not be tied down by the 9-to-5 ritual and to fulfil their personal aspirations of taking matters into their own hands.

There are a few startups that are creating platforms to facilitate women in finding the right kind of jobs for them or provide an alternate medium of fulfilling employment engagement which they would not have explored before. These opportunities emphasise more on work from home, flexible timings, freelancing and self-employment modes of working that are less stressful and can give enough time to deal with any possible situation, all while not losing out on earning well.

Additionally, they are extending training opportunities and are supporting women in terms of tech tools, skills workshops, etc. For instance - edu-tech platforms like Genext Students, have been skilling anyone passionate about teaching to help them convert this passion into a sustainable, flexible and lucrative career.

Many working professionals, housewives, new mothers, etc are leveraging this opportunity to try their hands at part-time tutoring within their locality to augment their incomes and become their own bosses. They are rightly termed as "Tutorpreneurs" by Genext Students, offering a combination of being a Tutor as well as an Entrepreneur.

On the foundation of the ever improving digital technologies, many startups and small enterprises are willing to consider the services of women who could be connected via digital platforms. Meanwhile, it is also expanding the opportunities for self-employment.

As a result, more and more women are eager to take advantage and embark on projects based on their interest areas and at their desired pace. It seems like that the day is not far when our country will boast of its high ratio of working woman populace borne out of innovative propositions through digital platforms.

By: Ali Asgar Kagzi
The writer is a co-founder of Genext Students.

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