Don’t pause at menopause

Don’t pause at menopause

Menopause should be considered a graduation in the life of a woman. It’s a change, a reason for celebration, but instead, it’s often associated with...

Menopause should be considered a graduation in the life of a woman. It’s a change, a reason for celebration, but instead, it’s often associated with ageing, degeneration, osteoporosis, hot flushes, weight gain, emotional and sleep disturbances, heavy or irregular periods and more.

However, with a right diet it’s possible to bypass all these symptoms and transition into menopause without feeling it.

The average age for menopause is 51 years. The reduction in the production of the hormones – estrogenic and progesterone initiates menopause. This is nature’s way of saying these hormones are no longer needed. Hormone replacement therapy is not required now. What is required is to understand nature and work with it so as not to suffer from any consequences during this change.

Read on for some facts that you should know and what you can do…

  • Periods will become irregular

This occurs in the years leading to menopause, which could be from your thirties to forties.
Menopause happens when you have had NO periods for 12 months

  • Early Menopause

Is before the age of forty and this usually occurs due to autoimmune disorders or medical treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, etc.

  • Hot flushes

This is a common symptom and can happen at any time of the day over a short or longer period of time. Your upper body temperature begins to rise leading to sweating, dizziness, heart palpitations. After this you may start to feel cold. Caffeine, liquor, spicy foods, smoking, stress and even being over-weight triggers the flushes. The whole plant based diet started well in advance of menopause can minimise or prevent this altogether.

  • Bone loss

Menopause can lead to bone loss due to the reduction in estrogenic. Contrary to popular beliefs, now no calcium supplements are needed simply because our food is not deficient in calcium. Calcium supplements can actually cause harm in the form of atherosclerosis and kidney stones. What is needed is testing the levels of vitamin D and supplementation if necessary.

  • Menopause may increase risk of heart disease

Protect yourself with a whole plant based diet which is naturally free of cholesterol and low in fat.

  • Weight gain

Changes in hormonal levels and aging may cause weight gain. Here too, a whole plant based diet and regular exercise can help prevent this.
Mood swings, emotional disturbances, depression

Regular exercise increases natural endorphins, which help with mood changes and irritability. Also accepting this change and looking forward to enjoying the freedom from periods, can make it much easier to sail through this transition. Being busy in productive work will also help a lot in this area.

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