Vayuvegula Subrahmanyam, EMESCO Books Pvt Ltd, `150
Vayuvegula Subrahmanyam, EMESCO Books Pvt Ltd, `150

Books on contemporary socio-political developments have always been double-edged swords. It always has the unenviable goal of keeping the audience engaged and if done well, asking for more. On the other, if it fails to satisfy the already built-up expectations of its readers, then it earns the sobriquet of being a ‘quickie’ and one that just wanted to exploit the timeliness of the incident or development that had taken place to its advantage and unsuccessful in doing so!

Curiously, the run-up to the birth of the 29th State of independent India had not ignited too much of interest in publishing circles, even though it was a 21st century happening. The spread of the digital media had made the separate statehood movement a well-covered issue, at least in the final stages of the agitation in the earlier part of this decade.

Yet, barring a handful of journalist-turned-authors and academics doubling up as historians, none came up with a deserving tribute to the cause of why it necessitated creating/demerging a State out of the undivided one of Andhra Pradesh, six decades after they were brought together in 1948, merging Telangana into Andhra Pradesh.

Hence, Vayuvegula Subrahmanyam’s ‘Telangana – times of turbulence, triumph’ is a welcome addition to the list of books on the new State, which is already in the national focus for both right and wrong things. A seasoned journalist who confesses that he has never written more than 2,000 words at a stretch as part of his professional requirement has gone the distance, courtesy his publisher, and come up with a 287-page book. Kudos to him on this effort in the first place!

Since the author himself confesses his book should be seen and approached as a narrative rather than a chronicle or a coffee-table version, the sequencing of the developments with a historical mention and stopping it with the day when it obtains a Presidential nod seems justified. 

As the back cover blurb makes a mention of one of the sentences penned by the author ‘All said and done, the introduction of Telangana Bill was on a hot and peppery note with members getting scarred and their eyes burning’, it has enough to make the reader recount the event-laden days which the Telugu population saw, before the D-day was experienced in real time.

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