Traditional Vs Modern Kitchens

Traditional Vs Modern Kitchens

Kitchen concepts and designs have evolved all over India. Kitchen is no more just a part of home but also a way to peep inside the lifestyle of...

Kitchen concepts and designs have evolved all over India. Kitchen is no more just a part of home but also a way to peep inside the lifestyle of people. India has a market with huge variations. Each home differentiates itself in terms of kitchen style, theme and colour. Though the Indian markets have conveniently adopted ‘Modern Kitchens’ for their homes, there is still a void when it comes to the understanding of modern and traditional kitchen style.

Appearance and balancing the perfect art:
Traditional kitchens have classic design elements and architectural features from American and European designs. Curves and organic shapes are common with traditional kitchens and come with the blend of colours and mix of different materials. Traditional kitchens favour elegance and luxurious spaces and mix match natural materials like stained wood and patterned stones. On the other hand, modern kitchens are all about maximising utility, convenience, comfort and easy movement during the preparation of food. They are organised and offer sufficient storage space. A modern kitchen’s colour is picked with fascinating colours and sometimes also uses sharp, shiny laminations, straight lines and block shapes in its décor.

A modern kitchen is simple and effective while the traditional kitchen focuses on detail. Modern kitchens are abundant with smart and essential appliances as the priority is convenience and comfort. A traditional kitchen usually has free standing appliances while a modern kitchen would majorly focus on having built-in appliances. These appliances have higher usability value and convenience benefits. Since built-in appliances are ergonomic space savers and are easy maintenance, built-ins are the first choice for kitchens nowadays. They also provide kitchens a tidy and sleek look.

Traditional kitchens always have a wood finish, unlike the modern kitchens, which generally has a steel finish. Modern kitchens refrain from having paneled doors and open shelving in comparison to the traditional kitchen, where open space is considered necessary while cooking.

Modern kitchens have a proper cabinetry for each appliance and utility items. It believes in reducing countertop cluttering, which gives a bigger feel even to a small room. Countertop gadgets are easily hidden behind a tambour door, keeping it handy but out of the view.

Nowadays, every household is seeking for modern kitchens and appliances, which are trendy and chic so that it can reflect their family’s lifestyle. A kitchen is the one place that can be decorated with just a sleight of hand by anyone with some little tricks.

Here are few tricks to give contemporary kitchen a modern makeover:
Quartz Worktop: Changing your kitchen’s granite worktop with quartz top will give your kitchen a superior look. They are considered to be non-porous and hygienic as compared to other kitchen worktops. Quartz countertops are in these days and moreover also allow complete quality and customisability with colours. They can blend with any kitchen colour and can give your kitchen a tidy look.

Opt for built-in appliances: Contemporary kitchens can be a mess sometimes as there is no desired space for appliances. If you wish to give your home a modern makeover, what would be better than bringing home smart built-in appliances?

They are visually integrated and gives your kitchen an expensive feel. Not only this, they tend to make your kitchen look more sleek and tidy. Nowadays, plenty of built-in kitchen utility products like cooker hoods, hobs, dishwashers, refrigerators, wine coolers, induction ovens, dryers are available in the market, which can complement any kitchen style. They can seamlessly blend with your kitchen cabinets, and can give a spacious look to your kitchen too.

Switch to modern glass cabinets: If you’re bored with your old kitchen cabinets and wish to get something new for your home, then consider replacing your old kitchen cabinet doors with new modern glass cabinets.

Glass fronted cabinets can give your kitchen a modern look, far better than the old solid wood. It will provide your kitchen the needed sleek and tidy appeal and will also give you an opportunity to display your colourful dinnerware or set of fun vintage glasses.

Pick copper and earthy tones for your kitchen
Choosing a perfect colour is necessary as it not only adds to the ambiance of the house but also plays a role in the mind of your guests. Follow the latest trend and pick grey or other earthy tones for your kitchen décor.

Shades of gray are currently in trend when it comes to the color for cabinets and doors. Always go for neutral coloured kitchen designs if you want to give your kitchen a chic look.

Suffice your kitchen with modern gadgets: Gadgets are integral and a modern kitchen should always have the available necessary small appliances like blenders, mixers and other chopping tools. However, always make sure that your gadgets are hidden and do not lie on the kitchen counters. Visibility of these small appliances should be hidden as they might make your kitchen look overloaded and lacking space.

By: Natarajan A
The writer is Head of New Business Unit, Whirlpool, India.

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