Have series of fun

Have series of fun

The year has nearly come to the end and with it comes the vivid recollections of all that we have accomplished and lost in the year gone by. The night...

The year has nearly come to the end and with it comes the vivid recollections of all that we have accomplished and lost in the year gone by. The night of December 31, is one eagerly looked forward to by most people, many plan on going to the biggest shindig in the city while many others try to outdo each other in throwing the grandest house party.

But, there are those who prefer the silent recluse of their couch and a laptop with a good series to catch up on so that they can usher in the new year with their own sense of adventure and grandeur. Without further ado, here a few shows you can watch on 31st night to get you pumped up for the coming year!

Now, this is that one show that needs no introduction. Having aired in the 90s, the might of it is such that it still manages to enthrall people decades after, as well. For a good dose of laughter, warmth and comfort on a chill 31st night, ‘Friends’ is without doubt a no brainer.

Rick and Morty
If your soul is a little nihilistic and cynical, then this is a show you ought not to miss. Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, the adventures of a genius inventor with his grandson often venture into a reality that is too deep and at times the weird alien creatures and scenarios ‘Rick and Morty’ face remind us of our fragility and pointlessness of human existence.

Game of Thrones
George RR Martin created a fantastic fantasy world in his best-selling book series, which kept the readers on tenterhooks. Building on the drama and reverie David Benioff and DB Weiss’ adaptation of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ showcases the royalty, political conspiracies and fantasy arcs laced with a huge star cast. The series is a spectacular watch on the new year’s eve.

‘Gunpowder’ is a three-part mini-series produced by HBO starring Kit Harrington as Robert Gatesby, the man who inspired the failed assassination attempt at King James I of England. This is a show based solely on religion and the bloody history of Christianity. The gore and violence is not censored in any way and if you want to truly start your year with a bang, then the 'Gunpowder Plot of 1605' is the perfect companion

Breaking Bad
Bryan Cranston was not an unknown face in the tinsel town, however, he touched echelons of stardom thorough TV series ‘Breaking Bad’. Created by Vince Gilligan, the series in all senses is a masterpiece that aired on television. ‘Breaking Bad’ is a well-crafted show with each season containing tight plot and good story arc. A tale of how a simple high school chemistry teacher turns into the kingpin of the drug world, ‘Breaking Bad’ is definitely an emotional marathon, however, the payoff worth the journey.

How I Met Your Mother
The series where the “Bro Code” officially became a term is also where some seriously great pickup lines were introduced. If you’re feeling forlorn and long for a gooey rom-com series to sink your teeth into, the adventures of Ted, Marshal, Robin, Barney and Lily is the best bet you can make.

The Sinner
This is a rare Netflix gem that one ought not to miss if one likes things dark and depraved. A psychological thriller, ‘The Sinner’ charts the story of a young mother who one day kills a stranger on the beach for no apparent reason but as the story unfolds, you’ll realise what it truly means to be a ‘sinner’ in this world.

Known for its pulpy fantasy and brainy sci-fi, ‘Westworld’ took the TV world by storm. Set in an Old West theme park where robots are at human disposal for whatever urges they have – ‘Westworld’ shows tantalising mysteries. The time-bending story with a heavy dose of brain-twisters will take your new year’s celebration to a whole new level or time for that matter.

This is a show that really has to be talked about more! Starring Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga, this is an adaptation of the popular graphic novel. Although the content has not been from page to script, the story takes quite a few interesting turns and at times you are left to wonder who’s on the right side of the story and who is not.

The story of ‘Futurama’ starts on a new year’s eve and this December 31 is the perfect time to watch this sci-fi series. Created by Matt Groening, of the hit animated series ‘The Simpsons’, ‘Futurama’ is fun when consumed in large batches. The main characters, who go on an inter-galactic adventures make the series a compelling watch.

House of Cards
Netflix’s first original series, ‘House of Cards’ is made with an intention to binge watch. Once you start this American political drama there is no way you can just watch a few episodes in one go. The engaging series with performances of Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright keeps the viewers hooked with its twists and turns. The road to the White House is not an easy one and the strategies cooked in the series makes one bite nails.

By: Navin Pivhal

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