It’s all about loving yourself

It’s all about loving yourself

Have you ever tasted oil? Does it have any taste? It doesn’t, right? Then why do we use it? If it adds no taste to food, why do we need it? It’s...

Have you ever tasted oil? Does it have any taste? It doesn’t, right? Then why do we use it? If it adds no taste to food, why do we need it? It’s because the industry has conditioned us to think – No Oil, No Taste! And this has been done to such an extent that we can’t even imagine that it is possible to cook without oil! Well it is!

Oil is a refined product full of fat and preservatives. It has practically zero nutrition. The cause of most life-style diseases is FAT, and oil is pure fat, which, coupled with meat and dairy products, lowers your insulin sensitivity, clogs your arteries leading to a rise in diabetes, blood pressure, and eventually heart disease etc. Also oils when heated release toxic compounds that are carcinogenic.

Yes, our body does need a certain amount of fat, which is easily available in whole foods such as nuts, beans, seeds, avocados etc. When you eat coconut or peanuts, you get fat in a natural form, as opposed to refined oil, which is free of fibre, heated, and extracted with solvents! Your tastebuds will adapt to oil-free cooking pretty soon, and your body will heave a sigh of relief.

Let us help you to transition to zero oil cooking with a few steps…

Remove the Oil at Home
No oil, no choice!
Water is the new oil

While sauteing your onions, heat your steel pan, and simply plop the onions. If they start sticking, sprinkle a few drops of water and that’s it! Another way is to sprinkle some salt, so the onions automatically release their own water. They will easily brown in that.

Remember mustard seeds have oil within. When you heat your pan to temper, simply add the seeds and they begin popping by themselves. The same can be done with cumin, curry leaves etc. Just make a note here, that if you are tempering with powdered spices like asafoetida, turmeric etc, then turn off the stove to dry roast them to prevent them from burning.

Oil-induced flavours
When you sprinkle peanut powder or grated coconut in your dish, the fat releases and adds flavour.

For the samosas, vadas, fritters and more, baking is the ideal option. Simply add peanut butter in your dough and the magic is done! For cakes, replace oil with mashed bananas or apple sauce. For savouries or french fries etc steaming first and then baking is the key.

Peanut Butter Magic
To make dosas, pancakes, chillas, simply smear your iron tava with a muslin cloth bag filled with peanut butter, Even your parathas turn out delicious when you add peanut butter to the dough.

Nuts & Seeds
Add these to your salads instead of the oils. Add fresh olives instead of olive oil.

Think before ordering
While eating out, go for steamed options and avoid the deep-fried. Request the chef to use no oil!

The most important tip is not to tell anyone in your family that the food is oil free! Simply cook without oil and offer it to them! With daily meals of vegetables and curries, they won’t even know the difference! That’s quite a lot of oil removed from your family’s system.

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